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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Winning Doubles

Finally I can post that on official weigh in Wednesday, today, I weigh 99.2kg.
This is two major milestones for me.

1. I now have less than 30kg to my goal weight

2. I am now under 100 kg

Huge celebration time - I'm just trying to work out what to reward myself with.
Stay tuned for my update on last night's first PT session.


  1. Well done Camilla!
    Celebrate with some burpees?
    Maybe not, but don't let that sneaky bad food fairy get into your head.

  2. Probably not celebrating with Burpees, but I am going to celebrate with a super gym session tonight followed by a pamper me session at home :)

    Oh and my reward? It's a webcam. Time to start spamming you all with vlogs on my blog...

  3. Well done Camilla!! It is a big milestone and you'll go from strength to strength now... Yes, and I like your template too :)

  4. Wahoo, Well done!!! So proud of your efforts. Keep up the great work!! D