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Monday, 21 January 2013

We Lost 336kg!

Today marks a pretty special day for me. Today I am a published woman.

Yep, pop on your joggers, take a little run down to your local newsagent, pick up Woman’s Day and flick to page 76 -  you might recognise someone.

I don’t have a lot to say about this at the moment except these amazing seven women that you see with me, along with a handful of other special and dedicated friends, I have managed to shed weight, reinvent my life and go on a journey I never thought possible. I won’t plaster everyone’s pic up here as I’m not sure how they’d feel about that, but as you read this, you’ll know who you are.

This article goes to show that I can do this. You can do this. We can do this.

As long as we want something bad enough and we are willing to work at it, stick at it without giving up, then we will accomplish great things. So I leave you with these two pics today, they are my motivation.

Take care


Wednesday, 16 January 2013

So Sad I Could Cry


Funnily enough, nobody has questioned me why I haven’t been updating my weight on the right hand side of the webpage. I haven’t just skipped a day or two, nothing has been updated since September. 


That’s when I first started to swagger off the proven path. I haven’t really found my way back since. I haven’t wanted the success bad enough since. I was content with my life. Strike that. It was bearable and easier to let it run its course than to decide where my own life was heading. I was lazy. I didn’t care anymore. I thought I’d be fine and just hover at my weight till I decided to pick it up again.


At first, it was only a few hundred grams here, and then I’d lose it, then there’d be 200grams but I’d only lose 100grams. Before you knew it, the grams became kilograms. I didn’t notice, I didn’t care. My clothes still fitted. I still had energy, so why should I care? Quite frankly, my attitude sucked. I choose my attitude and I made a bad choice.

I have a motto in life that I don’t regret anything. There’s no point. You can’t change the past, only the future. So I don’t regret that I swayed off the path, at least I had a map to get back on the path. 

What you don’t realise when you’re walking along this beautifully paved path, that it seems to get easier, when you fall off the path, there are weeds and other hurdles that try to prevent you getting back on it.

I became a person with victim mentality. It wasn’t my fault. The universe made me put on weight. Yep, the universe obviously came down from above and forced the chocolate down my throat. Really? I thought that? What on earth was I thinking!?

I thought that all I had to do was to say I wanted it and I would get it – almost as if saying those words would just remove 10kg from my frame. Once again, I don’t know what on earth made me think that, but I did.

I’m a little clearer these days. It doesn’t matter what I say, or what I type on here, it won’t make a big difference to my weight. Ever heard the words ‘actions speak louder than words’ – hell yeah they do! No more talking about it, promising, committing just to fall short because ‘I couldn’t be bothered’. It’s a time for action. Time for doing.

Baby steps. Water is back on track, 3L per day should see me hydrated and cleaning all the so-mentioned cr@p out of y body. This morning I started my clean eating plan. No this is not a plan I’ve paid for, just one I’ve thrown together myself.

I’ll include a screen shot of today’s plan from MyFitnessPal – if you want to see how I’m going on a daily basis, add me Camilla12wbt.

I haven’t added in my PT session and gym session for tonightas it’s impossible for me to guess the exact burn. The water consumption is only what I’m up to, I haven’t finished for the day.This is what I’m doing. This is how I’m claiming back my life.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

No Quitter Here


So we’re just over two weeks in to 2013 and I’m already hearing that people are giving up on their resolutions, promises and wishes to change. Is that you?

Is it me?

Nope, I may not be exactly where I want to be right now but I most certainly haven’t given up.

I have started taking some pretty extreme measures to ensure that I do achieve my goals this year though.  Being the tech geek I can be at times with my Samsung Galaxy III, I figured there’d be a way that this awesome phone would help me reach my expected goals. So late one night (last night) I started browsing all the apps available and I came across a habit creating app – yep, sounds weird but I thought I’d give it a go. What it does is it allows you to type in a habit you want to create, it will then remind you to do whatever it is you’ve decided for 21 consecutive days  - which is how long it takes to create a habit.

Not only did I download one of these apps, but I think I got two or three so I can test them and see which one I like best. I also had a look for an app that provided me with daily positive affirmations but was unable to find one – if anyone knows of one, please share.

Lastly, I somehow stumbled upon weightloss hypnosis apps. For those of you who know me will know that I’m a pretty big sceptic. As I’m giving everything a go this year with an open mind, I thought why the hell not. Let’s give it all a go. Surely it can’t be bad for me. Oh and did I mention 2 meditation apps?

This will be the year I’ll turn hippy at this rate!!

So with all these apps on my phone, I figure I’m pretty well armed.

I’ve also started sticking positive affirmations in love heart sticky notes on my mirror to repeat every morning and night.

I’ve also had some assistance from a very handy fella in setting my garden up properly. Fruit trees are in, my first square foot garden now has a watering system and I’m about to get some pretty awesome trellises built for my new grapes and passionfruit. I’ll take a photo on the weekend to share.

Lastly, I’ll leave you with a question. I’ve been thinking a lot about stepping outside the square this year but I wasn’t sure how. Then I was flicking through instagram and one of my very inspiring friends has photos of her bike, and constant pics of her successful rides and I thought “Could I?” – so do you think I could ride the 23km to and from work (with a decent 8-10km stretch of highway) on a regular basis? Obviously I’d have to drive on my two job days and I would have to look at whether I’d have the energy to ride on PT days, but can I do it? What are your tips for someone who hasn’t really ridden a bicycle in over 10 years?

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Step 1: Water

Okay, so I'm going back to basics.

Re-introducing the good habits I had last year to build on them and really cement them in. I'm finding trying to jump in all at the same time I get overwhelmed and lost. So each day or couple of days I'll pick something small to focus on to get me back on track.

Today I choose water. Water has so many benefits not limited to weightloss that I think it's a great start. I also have to donate blood this afternoon so being well hydrated will serve me well. I am aiming for 3L of good water (my tank water) per day. This will see me hydrated, and will also allow me to lose the weight I want.

There are heaps of other benefits, some of which are listed below.

NOTE: I can't upload pics right now so they will come later.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Seconds on the Second...

So I've survived the New Year and my day off and it's first day back into counting.
Yep, it's been twelve months since I took my leap of faith to begin the most exciting journey I've ever been on. The journey to finding me.
I've shed some layers of fat, of emtional baggage and I've revealed some wonderful things I didn't even know existed.
I've learnt so many things about myself that to give up now and just live happily 'as is' would be a waste.
I want to see what I can do in 2013.
I want 2013 to challenge me.

I know this time of year is a very lonely time of year. I feel it every year, each one moreso than the last. I'm 31 turning 32 this year and once again I find myself single. I had always thought I'd be married with kids by now, or at least well and truly on my way. I realise now that I just haven't been ready.

I need to take some time to really identify what it is I want from life. Not what others expect me to want or expect me to do.

I've really learnt in the last few years who's willing to stand by me and I've also learnt that I'm not the 'great friend' I always professed to be. I have some work to do on my interpersonal skills, and that's fine - why? Well, because I know I need to do it and I'm allocating time and resources to doing so. This year is going to be a year of growth. I'm going to focus this year on learning more about me, about my life, about my dreams so that next year I can focus on achieving them all.

Just a short snippet for the time being, but I'll be back before you know it. I will be in touch more regularly and I've also started documenting on instagram so if you want to have a look, then look me up "throughcamillaseyes".

For now, stay strong, stay focussed and stay positive - you've got this!

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

2013 Resolutions

I'm a big fan of resolutions. I like to have goals to aim for. This year I've categorized them and yes, Hawaii has made the list again but this might be negotiated. I just wanted to share my thoughts and plans

Day One. Again.

So it's been twelve months since the inception of this blog.
During this time I have received numerous emails of support and asking for my support, please keep those coming, it shows me that people still read what I write here.
I've also received your comments, I know I've touched dome of you like some of you have touched me with your words and actions. This blog has become my best friend, the first place I now go when I'm ready to share how I'm feeling or an experience I've gone through.
Disclaimer: I am writing this on my mobile so no doubt autocorrect will change something it shouldn't.
So how did 2012 shape up for you?
For me personally I've never had a year that has been such a rollercoaster before in my life. I have experienced some of the greatest successes of my life, I have also met some of the most wonderful and loving people that have helped shape 2012 and will be part of my life for many years to come.
Finally, and sadly, I have come to realise that there are some people in my life who no longer matter as much as they could or should and tests through their own actions.
So 2013 is here. What will it hold? This year I've made my resolutions all achievable, within my grasp, and ones that will see me succeeding over and over again. I'll share these with you later.
For now I'll leave you nursing your hangover and with one last image.

Don't forget to at least go for a walk today. Today is the beginning of the rest of your life. Start living now xo