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Monday, 9 April 2012

Vicious Circles

So I thought I was over my little binge episode after I went for my run yesterday. Today I committed to smashing a PB for calorie burn.
I'm not doing so bad so far, but I'm not going to beat my PB of 1869 today.
I've managed to clock up 973 and I still have a session left in me.
At this point, everything looks great.
Then I stop and look at what I've consumed today.
Now it's not crap that I've eaten, but still calories. After doing these workouts, I'm starving!! I've consumed 2056 calories for the day which means I still have 117 left for dinner to "stay within my 1200 boundary". Now I know that's not the way it's supposed to work.
What's making me this hungry? I've had bigger days with less food. Is it a combination of TTOTM as well as dealing with emotions? I want to be committed but I feel like I'm fighting myself.
I've had a few emotional confrontations today, so I've done a bit of soul searching and learning about myself. Surely I don't need food for that.
So I've decided to sign up and do a session with Emazon.
Check out what it's all about here: Emazon Central
No sooner than I'd decided to go did I realise that it's also the same weekend at Carmen's. Thanks to some thinking outside the square, I can still attend. I can do a one-on-one session (which I desperately need) as well as Syn1 Workshop and I'll just have to do the second one another time. If I only do the two, I just need to fly down for the day. Now the impossible has become possible.
As I won't require a full weekend off work, I can now look at applying for the weekend of the Rocky River Run off. There's a Meditation Workshop in town on the Saturday that I would love to attend and ofcourse the run on the Sunday.
Well it looks like this little butterfly is starting to build a social calendar.
Anyway, the clock has just hit 4pm so it's time to smash some more calories so I can have dinner :) If anyone has any suggestions on why my hunger is that of tyrannasaurus - please enlighten me - Thanks


  1. Detox from yesterday. Plus, perhaps you are waiting too long to eat after the exercise this morning. I was starving today at the shops, despite my breakfast. While my daughter went to the foodcourt, I went to Woolies and got a fruit salad. Sigh....
    Another option as well re exercise may be to get a couple of Personal Training sessions in. Nothing against Emazon, but you could use the airfare money for PT sessions instead, one a week for three weeks or so....

  2. Thanks Mel, yes there are a lot of things to consider.
    I actually had a trail bar upon leaving you and before Botanic Gardens - I would have thought that would have been enough? Maybe not?
    I'll look into all my options for Emazon before deciding. It's the mindset lessons I was going for more than anything else.
    Also, I managed to burn 1185 calories today - not quite as many as I'd hoped for but still happy with my efforts.

    1. fantastic effort I say! It was great running with you today. Lets do it again soon.