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Friday, 20 April 2012

What to expect from your PT...

This question was plaguing my mind from last week when I first decided to engage a PT to assist me during the next four weeks. After numerous google searches, seeking advice from my fb support network and asking around, I was still not much wiser. I have used a PT before through Fernwood when I lived in Brisbane and it was AWESOME! We had 60 minute sessions mixed up with boxing and weights.
Since then my cardio has really improved and so I need help with the weights. Creating the muscle that will in turn speed up my metabolism. Ensuring the technique is correct to maximise toning and minimise loose skin as I drop the kilos.
My first session was for 60 minutes and came complimentary. My PT met me at the gym and we got the formalities out of the way. A questionnaire on my medical background, what my goals were and also my expectations.
The second half was an all over weights session. I was constantly dripping sweat on the carpet as I pushed myself harder than I ever had before. I am paying good money so I want good results. The last 30 minutes only took what felt about 5 minutes and the session was over. We made our next appointment and it was done.
Disappointing! I didn't feel like jelly. I'd only burnt 156 calories and although I was sweaty, I couldn't really feel anything.
The following day was the same. I started doubting what I'd gotten myself in for.
The second day after my PT I felt it. I felt everything. Every single muscle in my body. My chest, my arms, my legs were all in agony.
I had made sure I consumed a protein drink after our session and increased my magnesium supplements to offset DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). I was still in a world of hurt. Obviously my PT really knows what she's doing. She suckered me in, made me lower my expectations and then smashed them out of the ballpark.
Wow! Only today have I started to feel normal again and guess what?
Tonight is my next session with my PT. I know I'll be fine tonight, but I'm not sure how I'll cope this weekend. I will be stretching and keep moving to try to relieve some of it. Bring on tonight! Let's see what I can do!!

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