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Sunday, 8 April 2012

Crouching Dragon, Hidden Junk Food

Well wasn't today just a mixed bag of emotions.
This morning we (my mum, dad and I) welcomed my new desk into my study and before you knew it, it was time for them to head off.
After they left, I surfed the 12WBT forums for a while as well as facebook now that I had my very own comfortable desk to sit at. Then I started thinking that maybe I should pick up some fruit etc and some toilet paper.
So off I toddled to the shops.
I came home with a little more than fruit and toilet paper. I came home with a 130g bag of dark chocolate eggs, 1 x 100g egg, 170g twiggy sticks, one serve of cheese and crackers (the cracker barrel 5 crackers and 5 bits of cheese), a pack of skinny cow sundaes on top of my pears, apples, bread (yep a loaf of raisin toast too). I'd swallowed 6 of the 13 little chocolate eggs before I got home and feeling like something meaty I hoed straight into the twiggy sticks - yuck - not that I noticed till after they were all gone but not at all what I wanted. I had a sundae to get rid of the taste of twiggy sticks. One didn't cover the taste so I had the caramel one to see how different from the chocolate it was. One? I meant two. Two of each!! Oh my goodness - I may as well have just had a normal Easter.
Then the guilt set in. And my brain twigged on to what was happening.
The hiding assassin: lonliness.
The only thing I can contribute the eating to is lonliness. My social life is pretty sparse and far between so having constant company for 2 days made me crave it more. As soon as they were gone I was looking for something to fill that void and unfortunately food did it. Hmmm, next question - how the hell do I overcome that???
Good news is that the sun wasn't down yet so time to squeeze out another workout. So now I'm only 203 calories "over my budget" and I'm sure I can do something to burn that before bed. Downside is that I haven't had dinner yet. I'm thinking salad it is - 49 calories I'm sure I could burn that too.
If anyone has any tips on dealing with being alone, then let me know. I'm okay with it 99% of the time, it's just if you give me a taste I want more - lol.


  1. Hi Camilla I can completely sympathize with you, to get over buying things I shouldn't I get my groceries delivered!

    I get lonely and have to just recognize the feeling and realize that eating isn't really going to bring family and friends nearer. Recently I have tried to find myself something to do, so I have cleaned out my closet of my big clothes, tidied my office etc etc.

    I know keeping busy is a cliche but it works.

  2. I'm thinking that I should only do normal grocery shops. I know when I'm shopping and there's no event etc then I'm fine, it's all healthy and fresh. It's when I pop down to just get a couple of things that I completely screw up. I'm always nervous about getting it delivered - how are your fruit and veggies looking by the time they arrive?