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Saturday, 29 December 2012

How do you reward yourself?

This is a topic that rears its head more times than anything else in the war with your weight.
Typically it's the "I've done a workout, therefore I deserve a piece of cake" - I know you are nodding along sheepishly.
Has it ever crossed your mind that food rewards or treats are typically how we train our pets? We are humans, we can have other rewards that aren't calorie based. Have you got a reward system? Do you get a star for every workout and at the end of the month can you trade it in for a facial or something similar?
I used to be very big on food rewards. On a bad day, if you wave cheese in frontbof my face, I'll be your slave. This is a habit that I'm working on breaking.
I want to eat to survive not survive to eat.
So how am I breaking my cycle?  Well typically a Friday night would include take away food, a few drinks and a night on the couch.
These days I have my PT appointment on a Friday and I follow that up with a pamper session at home. It's now something I look forward to every week. Here's my proof:

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