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Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter One and All

Happy Easter Everyone!

This is just a short and snappy post to wish you all a Happy and Safe Easter.

If you're out on our roads, please be extra careful as you can't control how other drivers react (or drive for that matter).

For those of you who are spending it with loved ones, make it worthwhile - run around with the kids and play games. Lose yourself in the moment.

For those of you like me who will be spending it on your own, don't be disheartened, make the most of it. I know I've got a full day planned mowing the yard, fixing an irrigation leak as well as smashing out a run.

This long weekend is yours and how you make it depends on you. If you look back and think it was a crap weekend, it's because you let it.

Take care xo

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