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Monday, 16 April 2012

Camilla vs Jim

The day had finally arrived. I'd agreed to conquer Mt Jim Crow. After many excuses to myself I decided it was just time to JFDI. So when the opportunity presented itself, this time I jumped in a little excited and a little nervous.
I wasn't really sure what to expect. I'd heard stories, but my fitness level is still on the improve so it's hard to compare. I must say though, that when we turned up and I saw the below sign, the butterflies in my tummy quickly turned to elephants.

The climb up was more challenging than I expected. I quickly realised how little core stability I had and how much balance I'd lost. I spent most of the 'hike' on all fours clambering between rocks. There were several times where I just wanted to quit and turn around, but at each of those moments I was talked round and convinced to continue.

When I reached the summit - the relief I felt as I looked around is hard to put into words so I've included a few pics.

For the record it took me just as long to get up as it did down - he he he - an hour each way!
After conquering Jim Crow and having lunch at the Coffee Club we headed off to the Marina. Here we found a "700 m steep walk" up Double Head to see Fan Rock. The walk wasn't difficult but still got my heart rate up and the view from the top was amazing.

At Double Head there are two walks, so we decided we may as well attempt the second one also. The second one seemed pretty ordinary as it wound down to an inlet so I was quite relieved that it wasn't going to challenge me. On the way out we notice a little goat track, obviously not everyone is as hesitant as me and before I knew it, I'd been talked into challenging it. Now this track was a lot less used than I first thought and as we pushed through scrub and clambered on loose rocks, I knew it was only a matter of time before I'd be back on all fours scaling the rocks. I'd just about had enough and plonked my ass down and refused to move. Here's my pic to prove it:

Within a few minutes, I was once again talked round after being promised that the summit was literally only about 10m away. So back up I got and continued. This time when I got to the top it was too steep for me to comfortably stand, but I sat and looked out. Here are the views, the hill we climbed and also the scrub we pushed through.

I had trouble with the pics so if there's a double up I apologise in advance.

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