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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Easter Bunny or Easter Running?

So the Chocolate Season is upon as again. It sneaks up faster than you realise. I remember only whinging about hot cross buns already being out after Christmas. Well it didn't take long for it to arrive.
This year I have the pleasure of visitors. Mum and Dad made the long drive up to see me and help me complete an endless list of chores that I physically can't do on my own. One of the downsides to being a single female, not enough testosterone to think I can lift things that I definitely shouldn't.
This is the desk that Dad and I made (emphasis on Dad - lol)

I've managed to keep pretty active so far and I've started each morning with a c25k episode as well as a walk to warm down, so I'm burning calories before I even start.
I've kept a pretty good eye on food and up until tonight, I've been well and truly okay. Tonight I exceeded my 1200 calories as I had battered fish with beer battered fries for dinner. The chips worked out at just over 100 cals but the beer battered fish worked out at over 500 cals!! Whoah!! Had no idea it was going to be that much. Too late now though and I'm not planning on feeling guilty over it.
As the parents are heading home tomorrow I still have two full days without work to totally smash my calories to get me down to those magic figures on official weigh in day!
I'm proud to report though that there has been no chocolate in my house this Easter and by mutual agreement, there won't be tomorrow either. If it's not here, it can't tempt me.
So tomorrow is a 'recovery day' - I'm going to recover lost calories that I have 'forgotten' to burn over the last couple of weeks to square me up.
I'm 2/3 of the way through my challenge which means I can still make a difference. My primary goal is no longer weight related. Yep I've changed priorities. My new goals are as follows:
1. Run the 1km Time Trial in under 6 Minutes (Currently 7 min 48 seconds)
2. Achieve a final weight for this round - 95kg
3. Increase my sit and reach test to +5cm (currently +2cm)
I'm going to leave it at 3 goals so that I don't get overwhelmed and I'll be training towards these. I am so proud of where I've come from and even more proud of the direction I'm heading.
As a little byline before I sign off - tonight I wore a new top out to dinner. It's a top I've never worn before - it's a KMart Size 18. As we all know, KMart have their 'own' sizing and their's isn't as generous as other stores so I'm very happy about this.

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