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Friday, 27 April 2012

Burning Calories for Free in the Rockhampton Region

So you find yourself in Rockhampton and you don't want to let your fitness slide. Your money is for your holidays so you're looking for a cheap way to burn some calories. Here are some worthwhile options that I highly recommend:

Mt Jim Crow
Mt Archer
Rockhampton Botanical Gardens
Bluff Point Walking Track
Double Head Walking Track
Stoney Creek Walking Track
Yeppoon - For this one you will need to open up the 10,000 Steps Brochure

And two that are on my to do list that I haven't yet conquered:

Zamia Walk
Mt Etna

All of these are for varying fitness and varying times. As long as you take your time and only push yourself to your own fitness limits you should be fine. I've pasted the links under each of the above so if you click on the name you should be taken there.

If there are more that I am not aware of within 1-2 hours drive, please share them as I'd like to explore as much of this area as possible.

Happy Exploring!!

Updated Progress Pics - 27/04/12

I've come a long way and I've got a long way to go but finally I'm comfortable with being me :)

Warrior Dash Anyone? Tough Mudder?

What a week it’s been! I’m sorry I’ve been slack on the blog front but life is seriously starting to take over. I’ve never had so many social engagements in my life. In the past, even if I had, I’d be too afraid to go and feverishly be making up excuses as to why I couldn’t go. I never admitted it’s because I didn’t want to and that I wasn’t game. I am like a spider – the webs I can weave are so intricate and overlaid that to the naked eye it was almost impossible to pick it. In fact I had people believing that I had the most active social life ever. I’m surprised I lived a lie for so long.

With only one week left of 2012 Round 1 of Michelle Bridges’ 12 Week Body Transformation the end is drawing near very quickly.

I’ve spent a little time reflecting and I’m personally amazed at how far I’ve come and how much I’ve achieved. If somebody had told me at Christmas that I’d lose 15kg in 5 months I’d have laughed. If someone had told me I’d be running within 3 months I think I’d still be on the ground laughing.

Since the beginning of the year, I’ve started running, I regularly go to the gym, I’ve started fuelling my body with nutrition instead of crap. I now climb mountains, go on bushwalks and physical challenges, although they still daunt me, I’m not scared of them and I don’t turn my back on them. The barriers I’ve overcome are huge. I’m no longer too fat to do things.

In turn, my attitude and my lifestyle has changed, I’m happier within myself and within my life. This is noticeable to those around me and now, finally also to myself. I am so proud of where my journey has taken me and I can’t wait to close this chapter and open the next one. I’ve already committed to the next round and I plan to take it on with more vigour, more passion and more energy than you’ve ever seen before. I’m already starting to work out what recipes I’m going to convert. New topics I’m going to discuss and also the dreaded mind games we all play with.

So back to challenges: I’ve decided that once I commit to something I shall not withdraw. So I’ve registered and committed to the Rocky River Run in June for 10 km. It’s going to be a challenge and I’m aiming do run it in under 75 minutes.

The next challenge is Warrior Dash. The wonderful team in the 30+ Crew found this AWESOME physical challenge. It’s an obstacle course for adults. It’s held at Mt Kilcoy at the wonderful Hunting Lodge Estate (I’ve been a huge fan of theirs for a while – their Verdelho wine is fantastic!!) in November. So now I’m locked and loaded and the team are coaxing me in to doing Tough Mudder next year – I’m not quite ready to commit to that one yet, but it’s on the cards. How much my life has changed in a few short months.

This weekend is another mini milestone challenge. I have committed to completing the Zamia Walk up Mt Archer. The bush walk is a 14km, one-way, up to five hour trek through difficult grade scrubland (according to DERM Mt Archer and Zamia Walk ). I’m glad I’m going with an experienced hiker and I’ll be planning on wearing my HRM to record this one. I’ve decided to reward myself for completing Round 1 2012 12WBT I will be getting a day pack. For now I’ll happily let someone else carry the food and first aid kit.

Stay tuned for the next progress update….

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Dental Floss GStrings and Saturday Night Blues

Here we are again. Another Saturday night at home on the couch.
During the week I am flat chat. Between working two jobs, working out and keeping on top of life, I don't have a lot of down time.
On the weekends I'm normally out and about doing stuff again.
This weekend was a little different.
I had decided for 12WBT Finale in Melbourne next month that I would get a fake tan. As I was a fake tan virgin I thought I'd better give it a go before the day so I knew what I was in for. That appointment was today.
I turned up promptly for my appointment and was shown into a little room with what looked like a pop up camping shower with curtains around it. The girl pointed to a box and told me there were disposables in there and to get undressed. Luckily I'd asked around and I knew what she was talking about.
I picked up a "disposable" it's a disposable gstring to be worn during the tanning process so your fancy knickers aren't stained.
For those of you who have never had a fake tan and experienced a disposable before, let me describe it to you.
It looks (and feels) like a "Wet Ones" wipe that's been dried out and held together by dental floss. Very sexy in anyone's language I'm sure.
Before I knew it I was being guided into the black shower thingy and I was getting sprayed. Nobody warned me it was cold. I was highbeaming and highly embarrassed. The whole tanning/spraying process took about 10 mins and I was then given the applicator without the tanning solution and advised to use it to "dry off". I had become a human bounty bar. White underneath, covered in gooey brown stuff and smelling like coconut. After 10 minutes of drying myself I started to wonder how dry I should be?! I mean I'd never done this before and after 10 minutes I was still very tacky. Not wanting to streak through their office, I googled their phone number and called them. When the girl came in she told me I was fine. So home I went with the instruction not to shower or get sweaty for at least 2 hours.
Today is Saturday. I'd only smashed out 100 cals for the day. What was I going to do? Not much it seems. I surfed the web, played around with my webcam and entered my vlog (as per below post) for this week's competition.
Then it dawned on me. I hadn't done a workout and my body was screaming for one. I've already worked out that my lounge room is nowhere near big enough for dvds which is why I make an effort to get outside.
Today was the first day off in a very long time with no exercise and I'm feeling it. My body wants me to make it up to it by eating. I'm craving anything and everything I can find. I've already made some diet jelly about 4 hours ago but it's still not set. Starting to get that 'claw the crap out of the door to get out' feeling.
I'm looking all tanned and surfer like and it's night time and I'm bored.
There's not much on tv and as I've spent so much of my day on the computer already I'm getting bored with that too.
I'm coming to the conclusion that Saturday night is the lonliest night in the week. Every other night I don't have time to get lonely.
I guess part of this process is learning how to deal with that. How the hell do I deal with that? Avoidance has been the key in the past. I guess I need to do some soul searching tonight and work it out.
Signing out for now. To all of you enjoying your Saturday nights - ciao!

2012 Rd 1 Wk 10 Vlog Challenge

Weirdo and The Old Me

So I've had some more time to play around with the webcam and test out some of its features. I've included two vlogs, one before and one after my PT session.

Also, for those of you who might be having a slow morning, I've thrown in two funnies as well. I will warn you though, the funnies have been called hilarious, disturbing, bladder bursting, weird and so stupid its funny. You have been warned.
Now you've had your funny fix, time to get away from the computer, slip, slop, slap and get outdoors and get moving!

Friday, 20 April 2012

What to expect from your PT...

This question was plaguing my mind from last week when I first decided to engage a PT to assist me during the next four weeks. After numerous google searches, seeking advice from my fb support network and asking around, I was still not much wiser. I have used a PT before through Fernwood when I lived in Brisbane and it was AWESOME! We had 60 minute sessions mixed up with boxing and weights.
Since then my cardio has really improved and so I need help with the weights. Creating the muscle that will in turn speed up my metabolism. Ensuring the technique is correct to maximise toning and minimise loose skin as I drop the kilos.
My first session was for 60 minutes and came complimentary. My PT met me at the gym and we got the formalities out of the way. A questionnaire on my medical background, what my goals were and also my expectations.
The second half was an all over weights session. I was constantly dripping sweat on the carpet as I pushed myself harder than I ever had before. I am paying good money so I want good results. The last 30 minutes only took what felt about 5 minutes and the session was over. We made our next appointment and it was done.
Disappointing! I didn't feel like jelly. I'd only burnt 156 calories and although I was sweaty, I couldn't really feel anything.
The following day was the same. I started doubting what I'd gotten myself in for.
The second day after my PT I felt it. I felt everything. Every single muscle in my body. My chest, my arms, my legs were all in agony.
I had made sure I consumed a protein drink after our session and increased my magnesium supplements to offset DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). I was still in a world of hurt. Obviously my PT really knows what she's doing. She suckered me in, made me lower my expectations and then smashed them out of the ballpark.
Wow! Only today have I started to feel normal again and guess what?
Tonight is my next session with my PT. I know I'll be fine tonight, but I'm not sure how I'll cope this weekend. I will be stretching and keep moving to try to relieve some of it. Bring on tonight! Let's see what I can do!!

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Am I Scared of Success?

When I’m driving, I tend to have the clearest thoughts. Today was no different. Amongst the multitude of things fluttering through my brain like butterflies, I picked out some pretty important topics to mull over. If this program works for me, why do I deviate? If I know what I need to do to succeed, why don’t I?

I’ve already proven this program does work AND it works for me. It’s not rocket science. Ensure you put less in than you put out. That’s basic maths. So why do I find it so hard to stick to it?

Only one reason cropped to mind and I’m not sure what to make of it yet.

I’m afraid of succeeding. I’m afraid of becoming a 12WBT Success.

Why? That was my first question….

Before 12WBT I led a quiet life alone. I didn’t really socialise, I kept to myself, clothes didn’t interest me and I didn’t get out much. I centred my life around facebook and the interactive games on it. I though that a life through fb would be enough to satisfy me. Now I know it isn’t. In fact I’ve quit all but one game and even that one I’m no longer a dedicated and committed player. My Friday nights were nachos nights followed by Sara Lee ice-cream – yep the whole bag of corn chips with mountains of salsa, cheese and offcourse the light sour cream – the whole tub of ice-cream – yep the entire thing! My Saturdays were nearly gone before I even got out of bed. I preferred to be at work because it gave me a purpose.

For good and for bad – 12WBT has changed me. I say bad because I’m still coming to terms with it.

I now have a life outside. I enjoy an active and social life. I get out and about, I’m no longer ashamed of going to the gym – actually I love it. I’m not scared of as many challenges, yep, some still tip me but I do attempt everything put in front of me challenge wise.

Do I miss nachos? Yes I do, every Friday it crosses my mind but it doesn’t change my actions. I am still having low cal dinners and I don’t feel deprived. I love getting out in my lycra and attempting to shuffle/jog/die. I enjoy setting myself challenges and breaking them. The weight that has been my battle enemy for so long is finally being defeated but I am slowing down the journey.
When I’ve achieved my goals, then what?

Once I complete my journey, what happens? So much of my life is focussed on this that I’m scared what will happen when I reach and maintain goal, and complete the lean and strong program. I want to be fit and healthy and I know this is a life long thing but what happens after? All the hype and social aspects of 12WBT will surely fade. I know I’ll still eat clean and still be moving heaps, but what else will fill my life? I no longer have an interest in conquering ogres in an online role playing game – I want more. I deserve more.

So with this weighing on my mind I type this post. I still haven’t quite worked out how to deal with it. I know this is a major mindset hurdle and it’s holding me back. It needs my focus. I need to get over it so that I can continue. I will let you know the solution when I think of it.

Using the Webcam for the First Time

This is just a quick 2 min clip that I've created using my new webcam and I thought I'd share it for a laugh.Using the New Webcam

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Winning Doubles

Finally I can post that on official weigh in Wednesday, today, I weigh 99.2kg.
This is two major milestones for me.

1. I now have less than 30kg to my goal weight

2. I am now under 100 kg

Huge celebration time - I'm just trying to work out what to reward myself with.
Stay tuned for my update on last night's first PT session.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Camilla vs Jim

The day had finally arrived. I'd agreed to conquer Mt Jim Crow. After many excuses to myself I decided it was just time to JFDI. So when the opportunity presented itself, this time I jumped in a little excited and a little nervous.
I wasn't really sure what to expect. I'd heard stories, but my fitness level is still on the improve so it's hard to compare. I must say though, that when we turned up and I saw the below sign, the butterflies in my tummy quickly turned to elephants.

The climb up was more challenging than I expected. I quickly realised how little core stability I had and how much balance I'd lost. I spent most of the 'hike' on all fours clambering between rocks. There were several times where I just wanted to quit and turn around, but at each of those moments I was talked round and convinced to continue.

When I reached the summit - the relief I felt as I looked around is hard to put into words so I've included a few pics.

For the record it took me just as long to get up as it did down - he he he - an hour each way!
After conquering Jim Crow and having lunch at the Coffee Club we headed off to the Marina. Here we found a "700 m steep walk" up Double Head to see Fan Rock. The walk wasn't difficult but still got my heart rate up and the view from the top was amazing.

At Double Head there are two walks, so we decided we may as well attempt the second one also. The second one seemed pretty ordinary as it wound down to an inlet so I was quite relieved that it wasn't going to challenge me. On the way out we notice a little goat track, obviously not everyone is as hesitant as me and before I knew it, I'd been talked into challenging it. Now this track was a lot less used than I first thought and as we pushed through scrub and clambered on loose rocks, I knew it was only a matter of time before I'd be back on all fours scaling the rocks. I'd just about had enough and plonked my ass down and refused to move. Here's my pic to prove it:

Within a few minutes, I was once again talked round after being promised that the summit was literally only about 10m away. So back up I got and continued. This time when I got to the top it was too steep for me to comfortably stand, but I sat and looked out. Here are the views, the hill we climbed and also the scrub we pushed through.

I had trouble with the pics so if there's a double up I apologise in advance.

You ran what?!

There's going to be a few blog entries today to cover the weekend, so I apologise in advance if it feels like spam. The good news is that they all have photos to break it up a bit.
This weekend I attempted the Rocky River Run 10km for the first time to give me a bit of an indication as to how much I need to improve before the 3rd June 2012. I have done some research and back in 2011, the first place getter for a female came in at 43min and last place came in at 1 hr 32 min. I managed to complete the track in 1 hr 40 min. So still a very good chance that I WON'T be last. I will be training towards this over the next few weeks and I'd like to aim to finish between 1 hr to 1 hr 15 min. If anyone has any running tips - please let me know!!
Here are some pics from my finish.

Here's some progress shots.
And finally - me being a clown!!

Friday, 13 April 2012

Updated Pics!!

I've been told I don't post enough pictorial updates so I thought I'd get in and post today.
This morning when I got up I felt great, then when I dressed in standard size clothing (yep both jeans and top) I felt fantastic. Unfortunately, in hindsight, I realise the pics don't really do it justice thanks to the top I'm wearing. Thanks to the honest feedback I've already been given, I will no longer wear this one (except at home cause it's soooo comfy!!).
 The one below is a comparison against the pics I took at the beginning of May.
I'm still not really seeing changes, but I am feeling them. Might even try a spot of clothes shopping over the next week to get some flattering tops. I don't even know what's flattering anymore (obviously lol I mean look at above! ha ha ha)....

I might see if I can rope someone in to taking pics in the same outfit I wore in March. Stay tuned for those pics....

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Champions Aren't Made In Gyms

Most of you, after reading the last couple of blogs will no doubt have come to the conclusion that I'm a little bit lost. This happens every now and then when you embark on a journey. No matter how well you've planned your trip, which path to take, if you stray, you will find yourself going through the emotions.
Confused. Unsure. Anxious. Nervous. Excited.
I think because my journey has already been so successful I’ve become complacent. Arrogant even. It’s time to shake things up.
Change the plan. Revisit the desired destination and ofcourse include any stops along the way that I see coming up.
I haven’t really relied a lot upon quotes from others in this journey and as it’s something I’m normally very reliant on, I’ll be spouting a few today. Quotes are like positive affirmations. I rely on them heavily in all parts of life. I find inspiration and solace in them.
Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase.
- Martin Luther King, Jr.
As I stand here in my journey, I still can’t clearly see how far I’ve come and nor do I see the goal as something achievable. I need to set myself mini goals and have faith in my journey that I will reach my destination. I think that even though friends and family are now starting to notice the changes, I still see the same person in the mirror. I know I’m changing as the sizes of my uniform are decreasing but to my naked eye, I see no change. I’ve been told it can take time for your own mind to catch up to where you’re at.
Champions aren't made in the gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them -- a desire, a dream, a vision.
Muhammad Ali, American Boxer
This quote really hit home with me this week as I’ve been planning my exercise, planning on getting a PT and really smashing the next few weeks to give me a new lease on life and this journey. I think part of me is finally starting to realise that it’s not the exercise and food that is becoming me, it’s my new found attitude. My “can do” attitude. “Can’t” doesn’t really exist in my vocabulary these days and it feels fantastic.
If you don't know where you're going,
any road will take you there.
- Lewis Carroll (Alice in Wonderland)
This is another quote highlighting the importance of planning our journeys. I spent many years on a weightloss journey where I had made no plans, I had no control and inevitably, I had no success. Once you’ve set your clear goals, including mini milestone goals, you are already closer to achieving. I’m not promising the journey will be easy – it won’t be, but it will be worth every drop of sweat.
I want to do a quick shout out to RockyMel – the support and motivation that you’ve provided through my “lost” time is invaluable. Without your words of wisdom, I would not have come to where I am today! Thanks for your support xo
Also, to everyone else who comments, emails and facebooks their support to me, I know I’m not alone on this journey because you all guide me.
I will leave you with one final quote that I think really sums up where I’m at.
To live is to choose. But to choose well,
you must know who you are and what you stand for,
where you want to go and why you want to get there.
- Kofi Annan
I know where I'm at in my journey.
I know where I'm heading.
I know I will get there.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Self Sabotage Or Is It Really That Hard??

Today, instead of feeling elation at my loss, I'm just plain frustrated.
I've gotten up and weighed in at 100.1kg. Once again, on official weigh in day, I'm not in double digits.
I'm not sure why I'm so cranky, I mean surely after the binge eating I should have expected this but I believed that I'd done enough exercise to offset it.
Going from triple digits to double digits seems to be harder than I thought. Going from 101 to 100 is no less than going from 100 to 99.
Enough is enough.
I've contacted PTs in my area and I'm thinking it's what I need to help me push through. I'm committing to 4 weeks of 2 sessions a week to work on my weights and help me tone up. On top of that I'll still need to stick with regularly burning my 500 calories a day.
As much as I committed to burning heaps on my double shift days, at this point, I'm not ready for such a commitment, I'm exhausted as it is during those days.
Time for me to shower and get dressed. Thanks again for reading my rants, let's see how I go next week. This time, no binge eating. No additional calories. Eating clean, nutritious meals and working out.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Emotional Rollercoaster

Today I'm still feeling the effects of four days off.
Emotionally I feel like I'm on the verge of tears or something.
I guess this is where I'm supposed to "live my emotions" and no longer swallow them or bottle them up. It's so much easier said than done.
I've also managed to somehow miscalculate how much food I need and will be desperately short till I go shopping. So for the next 24 hours, hello tuna, weetbix and fruit (not all combined obviously).
Back to my earlier issue - yep it's an issue, how am I going to deal with this? For those of you who used to bottle things up and now don't - how do you do it?
What are the steps you go through?
I'm thinking maybe I should learn this next time round but then I remember the 'no excuses' rule and I'm back here again.
At least I've taken this step - I've admitted it. Maybe that's enough for now **cheeky smile**
Stay tuned and I'll let you know how I go

Monday, 9 April 2012

Vicious Circles

So I thought I was over my little binge episode after I went for my run yesterday. Today I committed to smashing a PB for calorie burn.
I'm not doing so bad so far, but I'm not going to beat my PB of 1869 today.
I've managed to clock up 973 and I still have a session left in me.
At this point, everything looks great.
Then I stop and look at what I've consumed today.
Now it's not crap that I've eaten, but still calories. After doing these workouts, I'm starving!! I've consumed 2056 calories for the day which means I still have 117 left for dinner to "stay within my 1200 boundary". Now I know that's not the way it's supposed to work.
What's making me this hungry? I've had bigger days with less food. Is it a combination of TTOTM as well as dealing with emotions? I want to be committed but I feel like I'm fighting myself.
I've had a few emotional confrontations today, so I've done a bit of soul searching and learning about myself. Surely I don't need food for that.
So I've decided to sign up and do a session with Emazon.
Check out what it's all about here: Emazon Central
No sooner than I'd decided to go did I realise that it's also the same weekend at Carmen's. Thanks to some thinking outside the square, I can still attend. I can do a one-on-one session (which I desperately need) as well as Syn1 Workshop and I'll just have to do the second one another time. If I only do the two, I just need to fly down for the day. Now the impossible has become possible.
As I won't require a full weekend off work, I can now look at applying for the weekend of the Rocky River Run off. There's a Meditation Workshop in town on the Saturday that I would love to attend and ofcourse the run on the Sunday.
Well it looks like this little butterfly is starting to build a social calendar.
Anyway, the clock has just hit 4pm so it's time to smash some more calories so I can have dinner :) If anyone has any suggestions on why my hunger is that of tyrannasaurus - please enlighten me - Thanks

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Crouching Dragon, Hidden Junk Food

Well wasn't today just a mixed bag of emotions.
This morning we (my mum, dad and I) welcomed my new desk into my study and before you knew it, it was time for them to head off.
After they left, I surfed the 12WBT forums for a while as well as facebook now that I had my very own comfortable desk to sit at. Then I started thinking that maybe I should pick up some fruit etc and some toilet paper.
So off I toddled to the shops.
I came home with a little more than fruit and toilet paper. I came home with a 130g bag of dark chocolate eggs, 1 x 100g egg, 170g twiggy sticks, one serve of cheese and crackers (the cracker barrel 5 crackers and 5 bits of cheese), a pack of skinny cow sundaes on top of my pears, apples, bread (yep a loaf of raisin toast too). I'd swallowed 6 of the 13 little chocolate eggs before I got home and feeling like something meaty I hoed straight into the twiggy sticks - yuck - not that I noticed till after they were all gone but not at all what I wanted. I had a sundae to get rid of the taste of twiggy sticks. One didn't cover the taste so I had the caramel one to see how different from the chocolate it was. One? I meant two. Two of each!! Oh my goodness - I may as well have just had a normal Easter.
Then the guilt set in. And my brain twigged on to what was happening.
The hiding assassin: lonliness.
The only thing I can contribute the eating to is lonliness. My social life is pretty sparse and far between so having constant company for 2 days made me crave it more. As soon as they were gone I was looking for something to fill that void and unfortunately food did it. Hmmm, next question - how the hell do I overcome that???
Good news is that the sun wasn't down yet so time to squeeze out another workout. So now I'm only 203 calories "over my budget" and I'm sure I can do something to burn that before bed. Downside is that I haven't had dinner yet. I'm thinking salad it is - 49 calories I'm sure I could burn that too.
If anyone has any tips on dealing with being alone, then let me know. I'm okay with it 99% of the time, it's just if you give me a taste I want more - lol.

Happy Easter One and All

Happy Easter Everyone!

This is just a short and snappy post to wish you all a Happy and Safe Easter.

If you're out on our roads, please be extra careful as you can't control how other drivers react (or drive for that matter).

For those of you who are spending it with loved ones, make it worthwhile - run around with the kids and play games. Lose yourself in the moment.

For those of you like me who will be spending it on your own, don't be disheartened, make the most of it. I know I've got a full day planned mowing the yard, fixing an irrigation leak as well as smashing out a run.

This long weekend is yours and how you make it depends on you. If you look back and think it was a crap weekend, it's because you let it.

Take care xo

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Easter Bunny or Easter Running?

So the Chocolate Season is upon as again. It sneaks up faster than you realise. I remember only whinging about hot cross buns already being out after Christmas. Well it didn't take long for it to arrive.
This year I have the pleasure of visitors. Mum and Dad made the long drive up to see me and help me complete an endless list of chores that I physically can't do on my own. One of the downsides to being a single female, not enough testosterone to think I can lift things that I definitely shouldn't.
This is the desk that Dad and I made (emphasis on Dad - lol)

I've managed to keep pretty active so far and I've started each morning with a c25k episode as well as a walk to warm down, so I'm burning calories before I even start.
I've kept a pretty good eye on food and up until tonight, I've been well and truly okay. Tonight I exceeded my 1200 calories as I had battered fish with beer battered fries for dinner. The chips worked out at just over 100 cals but the beer battered fish worked out at over 500 cals!! Whoah!! Had no idea it was going to be that much. Too late now though and I'm not planning on feeling guilty over it.
As the parents are heading home tomorrow I still have two full days without work to totally smash my calories to get me down to those magic figures on official weigh in day!
I'm proud to report though that there has been no chocolate in my house this Easter and by mutual agreement, there won't be tomorrow either. If it's not here, it can't tempt me.
So tomorrow is a 'recovery day' - I'm going to recover lost calories that I have 'forgotten' to burn over the last couple of weeks to square me up.
I'm 2/3 of the way through my challenge which means I can still make a difference. My primary goal is no longer weight related. Yep I've changed priorities. My new goals are as follows:
1. Run the 1km Time Trial in under 6 Minutes (Currently 7 min 48 seconds)
2. Achieve a final weight for this round - 95kg
3. Increase my sit and reach test to +5cm (currently +2cm)
I'm going to leave it at 3 goals so that I don't get overwhelmed and I'll be training towards these. I am so proud of where I've come from and even more proud of the direction I'm heading.
As a little byline before I sign off - tonight I wore a new top out to dinner. It's a top I've never worn before - it's a KMart Size 18. As we all know, KMart have their 'own' sizing and their's isn't as generous as other stores so I'm very happy about this.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Is Your Recipe For Success Missing Something?

Yesterday's gain has still stumped me a little. Yes, I know that I slipped on the eating but I couldn't help but think there was more to it than that.
Last night it clicked. For the last 2 weeks I've had a LOT of late nights, not just one here and there. I started wondering whether getting insufficient sleep might have a negative effect on results.
After researching, it turns out it does. So how do you know if you're getting enough sleep? The average person needs between 7-9 hours sleep. If you go to bed and let your body just sleep out and wake naturally without going back to sleep you'll know how much you need. I personally need 7.5 hours per night to be at my optimal performance. Over the last fortnight I've been averaging 6.
Although I'm still functioning, I could be doing better.
So now that I have this knowledge I need to use it. No point in knowing it and playing ignorant.
New rule is brought in to play. My bed time will be no later than 9.30pm 6 out of 7 days per week. This means that I'm going to have nights where I come home from Bunnings and just crash, but so be it.
I also think I might find I won't be so obsessed with scales and numbers if I've got enough sleep. Time to start trialling this little baby and see how I go. I will report back in a couple of days to let you know if it improves.
I hope everyone has a happy and safe Easter and remember that a moment on the hips can be a lifetime on the hips. Eat the chocolate sparingly - stick with a carrot the Easter Bunny left behind instead ;)

ACV as a Dressing?

Yesterday was my standard hectic day trying to fit in 34 hours worth of activities in a 24 hour time frame. I managed to squeeze a gym session in so I'm pretty proud of that.
My real reason for this post though is ACV.
Apple Cider Vinegar
I've heard about it. I've tried it. I gave it up. Now it's back.
ACV has been known to have many health benefits including aiding digestion and assisting in weight loss. I've only ever consumed it mixed with water but last night I was introduced to something new.
I hadn't managed to squeeze in a visit to the grocery store so when I was asked if I'd like a visitor who'd bring dinner, I didn't hesitate. Ofcourse I would as long as it's healthy.
Dinner comprised of cos lettuce, broccoli, carrot and cucumber with a side of bbq chook (no skin). The dressing was ACV and Virgin Olive Oil mixed in 2 parts ACV to 1 part oil. I was dubious as to how this would work but amazingly it was refreshing and went really well with the salad. I think I've just found a new use for ACV! Probably isn't the best thing to mix it with oil when you're watching calories but it was nice.
Does anyone else use ACV? What do you use it for? Does it work for you?

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Ugh - Woggy Wednesday

Finally it's becoming clear why I'm feeling "off" and have done for a day or two. I'm coming down with the wog it seems. My eyes have been watery since Sunday - I don't even feel them well up, just the tear as it slides down my cheek. Today I've been sneezing, watery eyes, stuffy nose and I have that headache that sits just under but behind your eye. Ugh.
My body needs rest when I need it to melt some fat.
Healthy compromise time I think. I'm still taking my multis and vitamin c and I'm thinking now I'll add cold and flu tablets to it too. I've upped my ACV from once in a blue moon to twice a day most day. Surely this will all work or am I praying for a miracle?
I have 4 weeks left of this round. I know I'm asking my body to commit to a lot but I know it's strong enough. I need to see it shift 5-6 kilos in the next 4 weeks. It's possible, I've lost big numbers before. That way I'll still satisfy my goal for this round and set me up perfectly for next round.
As I'm writing this the argument between brain and body is starting. The justifications back and forth. In the past this would have been a no brainer. In the past this would have been my excuse.
Measurements are going to be provided a little late, I've got a volunteer event to attend and then smash through a gym session.
Stay active and I'll send an update soon

Weigh In Wednesday

Another disappointing weigh in. It's the first time this year where I've had a gain two weeks in a row.
In the past you'd be seeing my victim mentality shine through. Oh why does this happen to me? It's not my fault!
I've gone back through my food (thank goodness for myfitnesspal) and I know why there's a gain. I haven't been as careful with my food as I thought. I seem to be forgetting when I've already had a treat. Now that I'm aware of this, I can focus on it.
My eating will be clean, I will commit to moving daily.
I also feel the need to mention that thanks to someone I am now doing situps first thing in the morning and last thing at night. This should increase my muscle, which in turn will speed up my metabolism and assist in melting away my fat.
With all this knowledge in store and so many positives coming out of this journey, the numbers are only a small part. I'm doing my measurements tonight, that should show me some positive numbers to post.
Enjoy your Wednesday everyone!

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Tuesday Terror

It appears with all the good habits I've created to replace all the bad ones, I've somehow let a bad habit build up that I'm now struggling to break.
I get Tuesday-itis. Nope, not at work. Not at 3 o'clock. At night, after my workout, I guiltily slink into the bathroom and tap the scales to turn them on before stepping on. If I don't like what I see, I immediately feel a range of emotions from anger to disappointment to frustration. Yep, my victim mentality creeps back in for one night a week.
I know when I don't lose weight it's because I didn't follow anything. That part makes sense to me 6 days a week. Just doesn't come in to my thinking on a Tuesday night.
So tonight, I went on my walk, did part of an exercise dvd and inhaled 7 mini hot cross buns. I bought the mini pack because I thought it was portion controlled. Well obviously I wasn't being very conscious about my decisions. One bun is 106 calories - having one wouldn't have killed me, 7 of them? Really?! Now I know that no matter what, the scales will show this in the morning and once again I've self sabotaged.
I can't explain why I do it, I just do.
It's a habit I can't afford to sustain. I need to break it.
Yes I could understand one week out of the month going through the emotions but using this exuse every week is a joke.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that one of you will read this, relate to it and tell me how I can break this cycle. It's unproductive and it's not a positive enforcement of my new life.
/-vent over-/

Monday, 2 April 2012

This is what I look like at roughly 100kg (end March 2012)

Note: This shirt was bought in 2006 when I last visited Sweden,
I haven't been able to fit into it since 2007.

Camilla Conquers Archer

Hi again!
Let me guess - you thought you'd had your update for the day? Well I've got some more to share about my weekend, so here goes again.
This weekend was one of the most hectic weekends I've had in a long time.
On Saturday I had work (as normal) and then a dinner and show in the evening. You'll all be glad to know I picked a healthy meal - in fact it had no calories in it at first - everyone else's meals came out and I got none. After many reassurances that it wasn't far away, I finally got my meal. The fish was a bit rubbery, the chips cold but the salad was okay. As we were getting awfully close to needing to get to the theatre, I guess it was a blessing in disguise that I didn't eat my whole meal - also means I had less calories which is always a bonus when heading out. The show was Dusty Springfield and I must say that although the performance was good, the story line in itself didn't lend itself any favours.
Fast forward bzzz bzzz (the sound the old vcr used to make when FF-ing)
Show finally finished and I was home in bed a little after 11pm. Not an early evening like is recommended before a workout.
Beep. Beep. Beep. My eyes slowly open, feeling like they've had sand in them, surely it's not time to get up? Glancing over at the clock I see the evil red numbers staring back at me. 5:20am. I drag myself out of bed, have a quick look around for motivation or inspiration but I can't see either of them. I pull on my jelly moulds, climb into my sports bra and don my apple green 30+ crew shirt. I quickly throw a few things into my gym bag, grab a bottle of water and it's already 5.55am. Damn!! I was hoping to be early so I could park at the Frenchville Rd path and do a quick warm up jog. No time. Just get there.
Upon arrival I'm greeted by Mel and Deb - two other early risers from the 12wbt family. After a quick meet and greet hug, I introduce Trish, who is also conquering the mountain. We take off slowly, I can feel the anticipation in the air, the uncertainty of what's ahead. It feels like more of an adventure rather than a workout. As we start walking and set the pace, I recall how I felt on my first mission - I struggled. Not just with my breathing but my motivation. Today was going to be different. I was going to remain strong. I'm in control of my body. I choose what I do.
We conquered the mountain! As I normally do, I pull poses to make everyone laugh. Here are my pics from the top (as I haven't gained prior permission from the rest of the group, I have decided not to post them at this point):
Very happy to be at the top

My scary warrior pose.
Whilst up at the summit, I get a text invitation to explore Byfield - feeling energised and keen I agree and I decide to sort out the details when I get back down the bottom and catch my breath. We all made it back down as well. We said quick goodbyes as we're grinning from ear to ear, proud of our accomplishment.
In the car on the way home I manage to sort out a picnic, try to touch base with my parents and then start mentally planning what I need to do as soon as I get home. So much for the chores - doesn't look like they're getting done.
Almost like a miracle, I manage to do a quick shop, whip up some awesome baby spinach, semi dried tomato, swiss cheese and roast beef wraps, have a shower, pack my swimmers and be out the door in around an hour. Even I'm impressed.
As we take off heading to Byfield I can feel my brain starting to get anxious as it realises that I've agreed to a full day outdoors that will no doubt include exercise. As we pass Mt Jim Crow, I look out and hope that it's not first on our list, as it passes I think my entire body breathes a sigh of relief.
First stop - Stoney Creek. I've never been there before. As we get closer, the smell of the rainforest is overpowering and I feel relaxed immediately. We stop by a rock pool and have a picnic lunch. Whilst eating I see a sign out of the corner of my eye - almost as if on cue, I'm informed it's a lovely bushwalk, only a short one. Still feeling relaxed, I agree that we should go and explore it. Only ten minutes later I'm balancing on river rocks trying to cross creeks - things I would never even have attempted in my bigger size. The walk was invigorating and although we weren't going fast, I could feel myself getting warm and the sweat starting to bead on my brow. Oh now. The last thing I want is for it to be blatantly obvious how unfit I actually am. I try to control my breathing, to pull the reigns back in so I'm in control. Within a minute or two I can feel myself feeling normal again. So the not so long bush walk was around 5km and although not directly challenging, after this morning's walk I'm sure I'd be feeling it.
After a quick scenic drive around Byfield and we realise the time is ticking. We decide to head back to Bluff Point walking track - just so I can show where it is. By the time we get there, my brain doesn't remind me that I don't want to appear unfit and before I realise I'm suggesting we go for a look. I know last time I did this track I struggled - why did I think this time would be different? So I struggle up, sweat pouring off me making me look like I'd just stepped into a shower fully dressed. The views are worth it though. I keep the conversation going trying to mask my fitness levels, which I'm sure by this time are blatantly obvious. By the time we make it down, it's a bit late to go for a swim so we just cool down by doing a walk on the beach.
One day, nearly 2000 calories and I was exhausted. No washing done. No chores done, thank goodness for timers on washing machines and dishwashers. Although I'm sore today, I wouldn't change any of it for a minute. I had an awesome weekend playing the social butterfly and I can't wait for the next one. The weekend has given me so much motivation and inspiration to push further.

Daddy's Girl

I know I frequently spout on about how much I adore the support of my blog followers and how you all mean the world to me, and you do, but today I've got to share a story which I believe is truly amazing.
I've been challenging myself for a little while now and I'm getting to the point where I want to have some equipment at home as a 'backup' and to help me out. I enquired at my local gym whether they could help me out, and quite frankly, the response I got, I quickly interpreted as "it's too much hassle". It's a shame really as once upon a time I was very comfortable and happy going there but over the last couple of months I'm just not getting the customer service I once was. I'm now on the hunt to see what else is out there as my gym membership is up in July from memory.
Anyway, the main thing that I've been struggle to measure at home is the flexibility test - the sit and reach. It's where you sit on the floor, legs out in front and measure how much shorter or further than your toes you can reach. There's a handy little box at the gym which makes this task so easy. As it's only used when you first sign up, it's not readily available. I checked online thinking that surely I'd be able to pick one up pretty cheap - wtf?! $200 for a sit and reach box??!! Okay, I can't justify that amount of $$ to measure whether I can reach my toes or not.
I mentioned my experience in conversation to my dad and expressed my frustration. I didn't think much of it after that until a couple of days later when he mentioned that he was making me one! Yep, a custom made sit and reach box!! Just before the weekend I got some pics through on my mobile (as per below) of the finished product.

Could the timing be any better? Week 8 mini milestone week is this week and it's time for my next measure! Mum and dad are even delivering my sit and reach box as well as making a visit towards the end of this week - I can't wait!!!