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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Self Sabotage Or Is It Really That Hard??

Today, instead of feeling elation at my loss, I'm just plain frustrated.
I've gotten up and weighed in at 100.1kg. Once again, on official weigh in day, I'm not in double digits.
I'm not sure why I'm so cranky, I mean surely after the binge eating I should have expected this but I believed that I'd done enough exercise to offset it.
Going from triple digits to double digits seems to be harder than I thought. Going from 101 to 100 is no less than going from 100 to 99.
Enough is enough.
I've contacted PTs in my area and I'm thinking it's what I need to help me push through. I'm committing to 4 weeks of 2 sessions a week to work on my weights and help me tone up. On top of that I'll still need to stick with regularly burning my 500 calories a day.
As much as I committed to burning heaps on my double shift days, at this point, I'm not ready for such a commitment, I'm exhausted as it is during those days.
Time for me to shower and get dressed. Thanks again for reading my rants, let's see how I go next week. This time, no binge eating. No additional calories. Eating clean, nutritious meals and working out.

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