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Monday, 2 April 2012

Daddy's Girl

I know I frequently spout on about how much I adore the support of my blog followers and how you all mean the world to me, and you do, but today I've got to share a story which I believe is truly amazing.
I've been challenging myself for a little while now and I'm getting to the point where I want to have some equipment at home as a 'backup' and to help me out. I enquired at my local gym whether they could help me out, and quite frankly, the response I got, I quickly interpreted as "it's too much hassle". It's a shame really as once upon a time I was very comfortable and happy going there but over the last couple of months I'm just not getting the customer service I once was. I'm now on the hunt to see what else is out there as my gym membership is up in July from memory.
Anyway, the main thing that I've been struggle to measure at home is the flexibility test - the sit and reach. It's where you sit on the floor, legs out in front and measure how much shorter or further than your toes you can reach. There's a handy little box at the gym which makes this task so easy. As it's only used when you first sign up, it's not readily available. I checked online thinking that surely I'd be able to pick one up pretty cheap - wtf?! $200 for a sit and reach box??!! Okay, I can't justify that amount of $$ to measure whether I can reach my toes or not.
I mentioned my experience in conversation to my dad and expressed my frustration. I didn't think much of it after that until a couple of days later when he mentioned that he was making me one! Yep, a custom made sit and reach box!! Just before the weekend I got some pics through on my mobile (as per below) of the finished product.

Could the timing be any better? Week 8 mini milestone week is this week and it's time for my next measure! Mum and dad are even delivering my sit and reach box as well as making a visit towards the end of this week - I can't wait!!!


  1. Great news Camilla.

    1. Ripper stuff, Camilla!! You should get your dad to patent it!
      Deb (tbd55) and I will also appear as "Librarian to the Stars" as I'm logging in as my Google persona. Doesn't seem to like Wordpress for some reason!!!

  2. Ha ha ha yeah I've heard that blogspot and wordpress are mortal enemies :)