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Friday, 27 April 2012

Burning Calories for Free in the Rockhampton Region

So you find yourself in Rockhampton and you don't want to let your fitness slide. Your money is for your holidays so you're looking for a cheap way to burn some calories. Here are some worthwhile options that I highly recommend:

Mt Jim Crow
Mt Archer
Rockhampton Botanical Gardens
Bluff Point Walking Track
Double Head Walking Track
Stoney Creek Walking Track
Yeppoon - For this one you will need to open up the 10,000 Steps Brochure

And two that are on my to do list that I haven't yet conquered:

Zamia Walk
Mt Etna

All of these are for varying fitness and varying times. As long as you take your time and only push yourself to your own fitness limits you should be fine. I've pasted the links under each of the above so if you click on the name you should be taken there.

If there are more that I am not aware of within 1-2 hours drive, please share them as I'd like to explore as much of this area as possible.

Happy Exploring!!

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