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Friday, 28 September 2012

1133 by 1242

It's 12.42pm.

I've just finished lunch. (12WBT Mexican Shepherds Pie + Veggies 300 cals)
I also ate breakfast this morning. (2 x Toast with Baked Beans 260 cals)
I ate my morning tea. (Container of Celery 28 cals )
I ate the slice my colleague gave me. (Yummy raspberry slice 275 cals (minimum))
I've just inhaled my afternoon tea too. (Raspberries on Greek Yoghurt 150 cals)
Oh and did I mention a muesli bar? (Natural Grains 120 cals)

That's 1133 calories consumed before 1pm.

Seriously, what the hell is going on with me? Even when I am hungry I normally have some self control. My only bonus is that I haven't hit the vending machines, but if they had pretzels when I went out there before I can guarantee I would have bought them.

Not a good day….

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