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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

What do I eat?

I’ve had a few emails asking what I’m eating. As you all know I’m currently on the Michelle Bridges program and our nutrition plans are calorie controlled and supplied to us. I have had a day or two where I haven’t gotten to the shop in time to get specific ingredients, so listed below are two standard days for me.


Breakfast                     373 cals


Iron Supplement

Fish Oil

2 Slices Multigrain Bread

2 Poached Eggs

Salt reduced margarine

Cup of Coffee with Skim Milk

Lunch                            258 cals

Chicken Cacciatore (see my recipes)     

Dinner                          398 cals

150g Traditional Stir Fry Veggies

100g Light Stir Fry Mix

Teriyaki Marinade

200g Lean Beef

Snacks                          174 cals

1 Carrot

1 tub Soleil No Fat Yoghurt   

150g No Fat Greek Style Natural Yoghurt


Breakfast                     268 cals


Iron Supplement

Fish Oil

2 Slices Multigrain Bread

Salt reduced margarine

Salt reduced baked beans

Lunch                            226 cals

Cam’s Lasagna stack (see my recipes)

Dinner                          482 cals

260g Lean Rump Steak

Red Wine Jus

Steamed Veggies

Snacks                          224 cals

Regular Skim Latte

Ryvita Multigrain Crispbread

Low Fat Cottage Cheese

I don’t find my food boring, and I try to mix it up a bit. Anyone can do meal plans, you just need to commit to the cause which shouldn’t be so hard seeing as you are the one to reap the rewards.


  1. Looks like you get good value for your 1200 calories :-) I think I'm eating less than I'm allowed atm. Figure it can't hurt if I'm not hungry.

    If you're looking to cut down more though, may I suggest ditching the margarine? You'd be surprise how little you miss it (it's not butter after all).

  2. Thanks Miss Directions, I only started adding margarine to my toast to increase my calories to get it to 1200. I was told once not to go below 1200 or your body thinks it's in starvation mode. Since your comments I've done some research and as long as I input 1000 cals per day I should be good to go so now I can dump the margarine. I think that's a great move too as I'm not overly big on the taste of it.