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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Dental Floss GStrings and Saturday Night Blues

Here we are again. Another Saturday night at home on the couch.
During the week I am flat chat. Between working two jobs, working out and keeping on top of life, I don't have a lot of down time.
On the weekends I'm normally out and about doing stuff again.
This weekend was a little different.
I had decided for 12WBT Finale in Melbourne next month that I would get a fake tan. As I was a fake tan virgin I thought I'd better give it a go before the day so I knew what I was in for. That appointment was today.
I turned up promptly for my appointment and was shown into a little room with what looked like a pop up camping shower with curtains around it. The girl pointed to a box and told me there were disposables in there and to get undressed. Luckily I'd asked around and I knew what she was talking about.
I picked up a "disposable" it's a disposable gstring to be worn during the tanning process so your fancy knickers aren't stained.
For those of you who have never had a fake tan and experienced a disposable before, let me describe it to you.
It looks (and feels) like a "Wet Ones" wipe that's been dried out and held together by dental floss. Very sexy in anyone's language I'm sure.
Before I knew it I was being guided into the black shower thingy and I was getting sprayed. Nobody warned me it was cold. I was highbeaming and highly embarrassed. The whole tanning/spraying process took about 10 mins and I was then given the applicator without the tanning solution and advised to use it to "dry off". I had become a human bounty bar. White underneath, covered in gooey brown stuff and smelling like coconut. After 10 minutes of drying myself I started to wonder how dry I should be?! I mean I'd never done this before and after 10 minutes I was still very tacky. Not wanting to streak through their office, I googled their phone number and called them. When the girl came in she told me I was fine. So home I went with the instruction not to shower or get sweaty for at least 2 hours.
Today is Saturday. I'd only smashed out 100 cals for the day. What was I going to do? Not much it seems. I surfed the web, played around with my webcam and entered my vlog (as per below post) for this week's competition.
Then it dawned on me. I hadn't done a workout and my body was screaming for one. I've already worked out that my lounge room is nowhere near big enough for dvds which is why I make an effort to get outside.
Today was the first day off in a very long time with no exercise and I'm feeling it. My body wants me to make it up to it by eating. I'm craving anything and everything I can find. I've already made some diet jelly about 4 hours ago but it's still not set. Starting to get that 'claw the crap out of the door to get out' feeling.
I'm looking all tanned and surfer like and it's night time and I'm bored.
There's not much on tv and as I've spent so much of my day on the computer already I'm getting bored with that too.
I'm coming to the conclusion that Saturday night is the lonliest night in the week. Every other night I don't have time to get lonely.
I guess part of this process is learning how to deal with that. How the hell do I deal with that? Avoidance has been the key in the past. I guess I need to do some soul searching tonight and work it out.
Signing out for now. To all of you enjoying your Saturday nights - ciao!

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