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Friday, 13 April 2012

Updated Pics!!

I've been told I don't post enough pictorial updates so I thought I'd get in and post today.
This morning when I got up I felt great, then when I dressed in standard size clothing (yep both jeans and top) I felt fantastic. Unfortunately, in hindsight, I realise the pics don't really do it justice thanks to the top I'm wearing. Thanks to the honest feedback I've already been given, I will no longer wear this one (except at home cause it's soooo comfy!!).
 The one below is a comparison against the pics I took at the beginning of May.
I'm still not really seeing changes, but I am feeling them. Might even try a spot of clothes shopping over the next week to get some flattering tops. I don't even know what's flattering anymore (obviously lol I mean look at above! ha ha ha)....

I might see if I can rope someone in to taking pics in the same outfit I wore in March. Stay tuned for those pics....

1 comment:

  1. Looking good Milla! Keep up the awesome work :)