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Monday, 3 September 2012

Missing: Weekend Warrior

Busy. Busy. Busy.
These are the only words to describe my weekend.
Although I didn't have a real blowout foodwise, I did enjoy a few social beverages and a slice of some super awesome crocodile cake. No doubt without some serious thought and action my consequence will be visible on my dear old scales come Wednesday morning.
I naturally assumed when I picked up two Saturday shifts that the fact I would be working several weeks straight (without a day off) this would be beneficial to my weightloss. I hadn't planned, nor catered for the hunger that comes with exhaustion. It's not a hunger to eat food to satisfy your body's fuel requirements, it's more like a hunger for food to keep you awake. So the cravings weren't for wilted spinach and roast tomatoes, no it was all for high sugar, high fat content type foods. Also, a lack of preparation by having no stand-by meals in the freezer meant that I leant on some not so healthy options on several occasions.
Today I smash that excuse. This is not going to be a recurring excuse that I fall back to evertime things aren't 'normal'. I have gone through the 12wbt recipe index to print out some freezeable staples that I will cook up and freeze so in the future I can get my 'take-away' of 'fast food' directly from the freezer. Pre-cooked, pre-calcualated and certainly tastier than the alternatives I've been succumbing to.
Exercise was non-existant. Well deliberate exercise was non-existant after Friday night. I should be more careful with how I word it. The only exercise conducted was the exercise throughout my shift at Bunnings. I didn't focus on it, I didn't make it a priority - nothing. This won't be a problem going forth though as I get my Saturdays back now. My little stint of being a workaholic has now reduced back down to normal levels.
Tomorrow night I have my next blood donation (plasma) so we'll see how my iron levels are going. With strawberries for morning tea, roast beef salad for lunch, and spinach paneer for dinner on top of my standard iron supplements I'm hoping I'll be able to report and increase in my iron levels. If they're still down, I think the next step will be for full bloods and a full analysis since my weight loss.
This week is also planned to be very full on between donating blood, changing my hair, getting a tan and ofcourse the BIG Perth trip. For those of you who are 'facebook fans' you'll see my dress options there. So far we're going with the red, off-the-shoulder hugging dress. Shoes, bag and bling still to be arranged. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me now!! Enjoy your manic Monday!!

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