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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Veggie Gardens!!!!!!!!!!

After years of lusting for my very own thriving veggie patch the dream is now so close to becoming a reality that I can smell it!
Gardening is the one thing that can relax me and make me happy without any human interaction what-so-ever. There’s something about playing in the soil, getting all down and dirty with nature that’s so……… I can’t even think of the words to describe it. It’s heavenly. It makes me feel complete to know that what I am doing is creating new growing things in this world albeit only plants.
I love nurturing the seeds and celebrating when the seedlings finally break through the soil surface. Guiding the small green stalks and feeding them nutrients and water to enable them to bear fruit is just magical.
My dream has always been to live in a big house on a decent slice of land with a fruit orchard, a veggie patch that would see me fully self-sufficient when it came to fruit and vege. I’ve started with a few citrus trees and my first patch goes down this weekend.
I’ve decided to go against the traditional methods of growing veggies and further explore Square Foot Gardening. Square Foot Gardening works on a base principle that you should only grow what you require to minimise waste and maximise variety. It’s quite an interesting concept and I urge you to research it if you want to pursue your own veggie patch.
So I’ve bought my 1.2m x 1.2m raised timber garden bed kit from Bunnings and also a Crop Cage by the same dimensions to protect my babies from pests. I’ve got some soil at home but I will be picking up some organic compost etc to ensure that it’s of a high quality – did you know there’s actually a soil recipe for SFG?! Who would have known hey?
Does anyone out there have any experience with Square Foot Gardening? At this time of year in Central Queensland, what do you recommend I plant? I would love to hear as many experiences as possible so we can all learn from each other :D


  1. I don't have an SFG (I have a 6-SFG! as I'm on a cattle property) but I do live in CQ. I find it gets too hot for tomatoes, except cherry tomatoes. Order seeds from Diggers (it's an online heirloom fruit/vege store). The plants from Bunnings in Rocky have a viral disease and they'll just die on you! I also have rocket, butterhead lettuce, zucchini (green and yellow), squash, beetroot, radishes, carrots and beans growing. Just make sure you spray the bean plants with Rogor when they're young or beanfly grub will eat them! Best of luck, I adore my vege garden, you'll love yours too!

  2. Yay! Cattle property - half your luck! That would be living the dream!! Free moo poo as you please and surrounded by lush paddocks.I'll definitely be signing up with Diggers - I've had a lot of people recommending them. I'll have to post some pics as I get going and get some stuff happening. Thanks for your support!!