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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Ready to explode?

Thanks for all your advice to my last blog post. You're all an integral part of my support system and without you, quite frankly, I'd be lost.

I've taken aboard the advice to cut down on my To Do List for today and actually spend some time relaxing and looking after me.

My revised list includes:
- Wash clothes/towels/linen                  - Clothes are done, towels in the machine and linen next
- Add 10 items to eBay                         - 6 Items added, 4 to go
- Clean bathroom                                   - Bathroom clean
- Clean kitchen                                      - Kitchen 80% clean
- Cookup                                               - I still have plenty of food in the freezer so only doing a soup

Last night I went to my PT session as I do every Friday, expecting to get slammed and work every muscle in my body, and as if on cue, that's exactly what happened. I've got to say that finding Chris as my PT has had a major positive effect on my training. Chris has plenty of experience, and she also knows that she can push me and what my limits are. Each week she's come up with something new, something daunting to push me just that little bit farther. I can now do burpees. I'm not a fan. I'll never be a fan but I can do them. I'm not great at them, my technique is still lacking, but I'm working on it.

So after some very encouraging words at the end of my session I thought I might give Spin a crack. After all, you can leave anytime right? So that way if it gets too much I'll just leave...

I had been told that Spin would get results. I was told that it wasn't as hard as other classes as you were sitting down.

Nothing prepared me for what was about to happen.

Our lovely instructor Sally introduced herself to me and helped me set up my spin bike. I was already nervous and seeing only two other people in the room I figured I wouldn't feel too bad if I left halfway through. After I was all strapped in and sitting on a seat that felt more like I was inflicting torture on myself we were ready to go.

At first I thought that it wasn't too bad apart from the aparent discomfort and pain in my... well, you know.... ummm "seat". After what felt like 45 minutes I figured the class must be ready to wind up shortly. I checked my HRM - we were only 8 minutes in!! I set myself a goal of getting to 15 minutes and then I would allow myself to leave. Nearing 14 minutes I started trying to loosen my feet so I could make a quick exit and not be talked into staying. My feet weren't budging. They felt like they were locked in. I couldn't move them. I had no choice but to keep going. I could feel tears welling up in my eyes as I sat there in pain thinking this is what hell feels like. I constantly wiped my face so it looked like sweat as I tried to swallow my emotions and just ride this out. When the 45 minutes was finally up and we were done, I made it as far as the change rooms before I collapsed onto a bench. I sat there for 10 minutes calming down, letting my jelly legs settle before I left the gym.

If I hadn't been "locked in" I would have left early. I wouldn't have burnt over 800 calories in spin and over 1200 calories for the day. When asked if I'd be back, I immediately came up with excuses. On the way home I decided that I would be back. This is what I need. I need to ramp it up a gear. I also need a super padded gel seat for the bike!!!

Anyway, I've procrastinated long enough from my to do list, it's back to it!!

1 comment:

  1. you can get one of those padded seats at Big W for about $20....
    well done Camilla