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Friday, 14 September 2012

Major Collision Avoided

It's nearly 10am. That's close to morning tea time. I'm not very organised today. Broke the budget for this week already. I'm sipping on my long black, my treat for the day. My tummy speaks up with a grumble. I'm getting hungry. Yes, I actually know what that feels like these days. My lunchbox holds Thai pumpkin soup for lunch and Jalna greek yoghurt for a snack. I check my drawer at work, the one where I keep my 'emergency stash' because if I don't, then the vending machine's serenade becomes irresistible. I have committed to losing another 15kg this round. The vending machine won't support that. Self talk is amazing. There's nothing useful in this post. I just feel better having said it out loud. I don't need a treat. I have my coffee. I don’t need the vending machine just because it's 10am. **Lightbulb Moment** Hang on, I check the second drawer, a green apple. Yep, that will do the trick. Disaster averted. Everyone, back to your post, we avoided a major collision this time. Who knows when the next attack will strike. Our defence is getting better by the day.
Be strong. Stay committed. Remain focussed.

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