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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Swaussie!!! Swaussie!!! Swaussie!!! Oi! Oi! Oi!

Today is a very special day for me. It’s my 10 year anniversary since gaining Australian Citizenship. I currently hold dual citizenship and I’m so proud to be what I call a ‘Swaussie’ – More Aussie than Swedish, but both nationalities occupy my heart the same.
Anyone who has spoken to me will know that my accent is long gone and if anything I have a bit of an Aussie twang thanks to spending many years in regional Queensland where slang and colloquialism are more common than in our capital counterparts.
With my Swedish heritage, one would assume that I would be tall, slender with magical blue eyes and long blonde hair. After all it’s in my genes, right? In my family, I am the only one in this constant battle with my weight. My parents, brother and sister are all in healthy weight ranges. They don’t require strict regimes.  Sometimes there’s a pang of jealousy there but then I realise that I’d much rather be me than someone else.
I’m a by-product of multi-culturalism, I belong everywhere but I don’t really “feel” like I belong anywhere. I can talk to most people and very rarely do I not get along with someone. I have a wide circle of friends/acquaintances but how many would turn up in a crisis? That I’m not entirely sure. 
However, just as the numbers on the scales don’t define me, I also don’t define myself by the actions or lack of actions on behalf of others. In the last few years I always assumed that I needed others to complete me.  I am the only one who can complete me.
Since becoming my own best friend rather than my own best enemy, my body and my soul have taught me so much about myself. What I can and can’t tolerate, what I will and won’t tolerate and also what I’m looking for in life. No, I don’t have all the answers and no, I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up except that I want to be me whatever that entails.
Speaking of doing things for me, last night I submitted my request to reduce my hours at job #2. Admittedly only by 100 hours per year, but I shuffled hours so that I can get one whole weekend off per month. As much as I’d like to cut down further, it’s imperative that I continue to allow me to reach my financial goals in a more timely manner. I can’t wait till it takes effect and I can enjoy a weekend again – perhaps even visit some friends I’ve been neglecting.
So today is going to be very much a red flag day. I’m at the pub for lunch, Hogs Breath for dinner and I’m getting taken out to dinner again tomorrow night. Thank goodness I’ve got PT tonight – I’m sure Chris will make me work for it!!
So for all you rednecks out there – not all immigrants are bad, don’t paint them all with the same brush!

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