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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The Trouble With Losing Weight

There's no trouble!!
I'm sure that's what you're shouting back at me.
Well there is. Although it may not seem like much for a single girl on a budget, it can become a burden.
Still not clued in to what I'm talking about?
Have you ever gone for a walk with someone and your shorts have decided to go for a trip south without your permission?
Walked around work and feel weird and realise your undies are slipping?
Worn jeans, bent over to pick something up and stand back up to realise your pants aren't following?
I've been there. Yup, all of those have happened and more...
So what's the solution?
I stop losing weight?
Do I buy a new wardrobe each time I lose weight? Preferably not unless someone wants to step up and become my financial sponsor and pay for new wardrobes full of clothes.
I didn't think I'd lost enough to make a big difference. On Sunday I went shopping. I only had a shoes and a bolero to find but out of curiosity I found myself drawn to shops like Lorna Jane and SunnyGirl.
Shops I'd never stepped foot in before.
All of a sudden sales assistants were asking if I needed help, almost like they assumed I would fit into their clothes. It was weird.
One convinced me to try something on. It fitted. WTF????!!!
I'm not used to this.
Normally it takes me an hour to go shopping and that includes groceries.
On Sunday I was at the shopping centre in excess of four hours! Yep I killed half my Sunday window shopping. I was completely amazed at what's in some of these stores and even more amazed that I could find something in nearly every store that fitted.
Wow. There aren't enough words to accurately describe the elation and excitement that ran through my bones that day.
It's definitely a day I won't forget in a hurry.
Back to wardrobe malfunctions. I'm looking for handy tips/hints on how we can keep wearing things when they're obviously too big. I'm going to be kind to myself and replace underwear for each size, but is there a cheat for other stuff. So far I'm safety pinning everything to save some $$. What do you do?


  1. My mum used to own a double ended clip and at the back of your shirt/dress you could clip the material and pull it in at the waist. It was brilliant, but I have no idea where to buy one, perhaps a sewing shop (if they even exist anymore).

  2. You can buy those at spotlight and even at accessory stores like grab. They are sold along side things like double sided fashion tape and gel pad for shoes. Buy a belt from some where like target, a good one is about $15. Get the widest one that will fit in your belt loops. I had to wear a belt for practical purposes for the first time since I was a child, the other day, I was so proud. You go girl.

  3. If you have a sewing machine (or a friend with one)it is very easy to put darts in almost all clothing items. Or simply sew a new seam up the sides or back and trim the excess fabric.
    Another tip is to buy some very wide strong elastic and sew this on the inside of your jeans/skirts at the back from one side to the other and catch at 3 or 4 four points along the back, this should hold the excess fabric in and look more like a gathered back. This would be good for those pants/skirts that don't have belt loops.

  4. What a feeling :-) I got sick of belting in my trousers and wearing my old now baggy shirts. I shop at second hand clothing stores so can replenish my wardrobe on a regular basis without breaking my bank account. I would go so far as to say I have a bit of a second hand clothing store addiction that I have now started to drag my friends into lol! I can usually find lots of clothes that fit and I feel happy when I look at myself in those fitting room mirrors. Happy shopping and well done on your results so far!

  5. Thanks all for your suggestions - I'll be taking them all on board and watch out Vinnies in Rockhampton when I get back!!

  6. Sell all your old clothes on Ebay as well. Help fund your new wardrobe!