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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Size 16s are in Da House!!!!

After volunteering at Beef Week the other night and pretending that I was a SuperHero I've managed to catch a headcold and I've spent the whole day in bed. No training for 3 days now and with work tomorrow and Saturday I can already see that I'll be in for a massive session on Sunday.
This afternoon I thought I'd post some more of my eBay goodies away and check to see if any of my purchases had arrived. Whilst down at the shop I thought I'd duck in and pick up my own underwear for my next tanning session so I wouldn't have to go through that debacle again.
That's when I found out they only go up to a size 16 - oh my goodness - immediately I get a picture of a strung pork in my head and I wonder whether I should even bother. For $3.99 I figure what the hell and get them. Out of curiosity, when I got home I tried them on. To my amazement they fit!!! After having a rather ordinary day, I'm now feeling a lot better. I'll be back at work tomorrow and ready to smash the weekend!

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