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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Round 2 Finale - Perth!!

Today was another mixed bag.
I have been described (on many occasions) to be the most disorganised organised person known. An oxymoron? Yes it is, but it describes me completely.
I love being organised and having things written down and I love to be prepared.
Most of the time I don't end up being as organised and prepared as I had planned and/or would have liked. Who likes to admit being disorganised? Not me!!
Today Mish announced the location for Round 2 Finale....
... Perth!
Now before I head off on my horse with a little rant I want to ensure that everyone knows that I am sooooo happy for the Perth Crew. They have been loyal, enthusiastic and always visited the east coast - they really deserve to be hosting it this time round and I'm very excited for them.
Back to my problems ;)
I'm going on holidays in July to Hawaii. My pay, at the moment, is being diverted into an account for spending money. I don't have enough saved to cover Hawaii yet, so I can't justify spending the little money I have on a flight to Perth. I know I can afford it (as long as there's a sale or the prices don't skyrocket too much) but I won't be able to do anything about it until I return.
This is really frustrating me because after I met the wonderful girls last round, I couldn't imagine not doing finale. It's going to be the highlight of this round. It's my carrot to tempt me.
I've been thinking about this non-stop since it was released. How am I going to ensure that I'm there? What is within my control to arrange this?
I'm not really a sharing person so I'd need to look at getting my own room. So here's a challenge for my readers. Let's all help each other out.
Between now and Finale, I will need to come up with a minimum of $500 to cover travel, minimum of $300 for hotel - that's not even looking at a dress or anything. So without using your regular pay - how would you come up with that sort of money?
My first step starts this weekend. Ebay. Ebay is my favourite friend. All the dresses bought for finale are going up. I'll be ransacking my wardrobe and selling what I can. In fact I know I have two pairs of City Chic jeans that have hardly been worn - fingers crossed I can still get around $40 each for them!
The message I'm trying to get out is that when a problem comes up it might frustrate you. At first it may appear that there's no apparent and/or acceptable solution. In most cases this is where we give up. Don't give up. Go sleep on it. Come back tomorrow. Have a look at your hurdle again but from a different angle and with fresh well rested eyes.
If anyone has any awesome tips, please let me know.
Also, if anyone has any recommendations on flights/hotels, happy to hear them too.


  1. You are a genius Camilla! I hadn't thought of funding a trip with sale things money.
    I hope you can rustle up some stuff to make it there. Can you rely on an early tax refund?

  2. Don't restrict yourself to just ebay. Join one of the face book buy, swap sell groups for your area. Take a look around your house - what do you have that you no longer want or need? When we were leaving Biloela recently we made around $700 from selling stuff on buy, swap sell.