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Monday, 21 May 2012

Breaking Records and Smashing Barriers

I woke up with mixed feelings. Anticipation, excitement and a lot of nerves. Today was the day. So much was happening. Since I'd received the email on Wednesday to say I was a Top 20 Finalist, my life hadn't been the same. On top of that we had group workout and my session with Emazon.
I was so disorganised. I hadn't organised breakfast, snacks or anything else for that matter. I'm not normally this disorganised, but it happens and I knew I'd survive. Our inspirational team member Cathy had offered to cook me some eggs as I'd been to lazy to organise anything so I headed off to her room where I was met with other smiling, slightly nervous faces. I'd never had scrambled eggs made on water before, but I'm now a fan. Great way to cut out calories and I always love eggs so there's my first lesson of the day learnt.
With the volunteers setting off early, that left Bella and I. After a quick trip to the ATM to replenish my cash, we decided we'd walk to the workout. I mean we're part of a weigh loss and fitness program, seems a bit weird to cab it there when it's less than 5km away. In hindsight, I wish we'd cabbed it. The weather was cold and wet and by the time we go to workout my feet were like blocks of ice and I couldn't feel my fingers. It had been a nice walk, but would have been a lot better if the weather was nicer.
I'm glad I've met people that are similar to myself - as soon as we got to the group workout and registered, we both looked at each other "Coffee!!" and headed straight away over to get a coffee to warm us up. We spent a few minutes catching up with the sponsors and I've learnt that my skin needs more lipids - if anyone knows what this means, please comment or send me a message, even better if you know how my skin can get more lipids.
I managed to catch up with a lot of people from the 30+ Crew and also from the 30 Somethings Group - all round it was great!!

We smashed a Guiness Book of World Records Record by having 1165 participants in a circuit workout. Funnily enough, the previous record only had three hundred something participants. Nothing like doing pushups on wet, muddy grass in freezing cold weather - we all just JFDI! I managed to smash over 500 calories in the 55 minute workout and I was stoked with my burn as my effort had been somewhat "lacking".
Straight after workout was my next big challenge. My one on one session with Emazon. I wasn't quite sure what to expect or how it was going to work. All I knew was that I was freezing cold and wanted to be warm again. Emazon stands much taller than I expected and when we sat down to have a chat, I felt completely at ease. Within minutes I was blurting out anything and everything that I thought might help. Without going into too much detail, Emazon took all the pieces of my puzzle and put them in a bit of an order and gave me an idea as to where I was heading. I've seen numerous counsellors and so forth and for the first time ever I felt like the hour spent analysing and discussing my life wasn't a waste of time. I walked out of my session feeling tired but very hopeful and excited about the next leg in this journey of mine. I now know a little bit about what to expect from the mindset side and I already know what I can do from the physical side. It was like being given a map to follow for the rest of my journey. I now hold all the pieces to the map to enable my journey to continue. I have also decided that I need to do the workshops that Emazon facilitates. I want to take this to the next level. My goals and my life are changing so fast with everything I'm learning but I'm loving it.
I'm learning to see the people in my life differently, I have "hurdle friends" and "crutch friends" - you know the ones: the ones that only call on you when the chips are down and they need a hand. They're also the ones that can never be found when you call on that favour to be returned. After this weekend I've noticed that I seem to have a few of these, I've also learn to see that I've got a whole heap of friends that I can rely on that I haven't been a good friend back to - that's going to change! Last of all, I've also met a lovely group of people in person after chatting to them online and I believe these friends will be with me for life. It's uncanny how you can chat to someone on fb as part of a support group to then meet in person and have even more in common and click so much.
I've never been an emotional person but after sitting back and reflecting on the weekend last night, tears of joy flowed freely. I've never been so happy in my life as I am right now. I'm living my life in the now and I'm enjoying it. Who would have thought that an online body transformation program could transform my life the way it has. I don't regret a cent I've spent on this program and not a minute that I've spent following and researching it. The program and my newfound friends have helped me re-discover and re-friend myself. I'm back in control of my life and it's better than ever. I can't wait to start this next chapter!!


  1. You're a star Camilla. I have only just started following but love reading your blogs and all the tremendous effort you have put in. Good luck on your emazon journey! xX

    1. Congratulations Camilla!! Wonderful effort, you must be so thrilled! What a fantastic achievement for Round 1!! Debby

  2. Thank you both. It's a wonderful journey and I can't wait to enjoy and share the rest of it with you xo