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Monday, 14 May 2012

Homemade Potato, Leek, Chicken and Bacon Soup (269 calories per serve - serves 16!!)

This one is handy to cook up in bulk.

Raw - Potato, 2153 g1,50756006522Ico_delete
Generic - Brown Onion - Medium, 0.6 whole (100g)246011Ico_delete
the Food Company - Chopped Garlic, 20 g182112Ico_delete
Select Woolworths - Short Cut Rindless Bacon Thick Cut, 250 g555538513Ico_delete
Farmlands - Bacon Bones or Hock Bones, 370 gms7032241643Ico_delete
Raw - Leeks - 100g, 340 g20448250Ico_delete
Raw - Potato Sweet, 300 g258600513Ico_delete
Carrots - Raw, 2 medium5012016Ico_delete
Generic. Nutrition Data - Chicken, Breast - Raw, 491 g540061130Ico_delete
Kraft - Philadelphia, Cream: Cream for Cooking, Light, 60% Less Fat, 1 container (250 gs ea.)4502732103Ico_delete

I put it all (all except chicken and Philly cream) together in a big pot (I use the slowcooker) and let it cook for around 12 hours. I chop the chicken up and put it in once the mixture is really hot, I also take the chicken out at the end, add the philly cream and give it a quick whiz with a stick blender before I add the chicken back in. You don't have to whiz it finely if you prefer a more chunky style soup :)


  1. how much is the serving size cam?

  2. About 300mL a serve. I forgot to add that I also added water - but I can't remember how much, probably 3-4L water I think....

  3. thanks. just put it into the slow cooker and looking forward to dinner tonight!