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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

PreSeason Strikes Again

So here we are again at Pre-Season.
I assumed that seeing as I'd already done one round that this pre-season would be easier for me.
What on earth was I thinking?!
Now that I know what I can do, I'm doing more soul searching than I've ever done before. I'm digging deeper to find my excuses and to break them in half so I can never use them again.
My last kitchen makeover was half hearted. This time it was thorough. I will not leave excuses in my house that permit me to fail.
I have set my goals and I'm aiming pretty high.
This round I want to lose 16kg - that's 1.5kg more than last preseason + round. I also want to run 10km in under 75 minutes. In fact I'm so pumped I'm contemplating signing up now to do my half marathon in September. Will I be ready in time? Probably not but the longer I procrastinate, the more I think and the more self doubt I have.
Self doubt you ask? Yep, even thought I've done a round and I was pretty happy with my overall results, it doesn't come easy. I still have self doubt. If I think too long, I get paralysis by analysis. I'm one of these people that need to do more and think less. I'm so used to doing my job as an analyst that sometimes I forget to simply live without knowing every statistic that might be somehow remotely linked if you divide it and separate it and draw a long squiggly line. I don't do it intentionally but it's one of my subconscious patterns that I need to learn to break or to navigate better.
The next round starts on 4th June 2012. In July I head to Hawaii for 3 weeks. For most people, this would be enough for them to 'skip a round'. For me I see it as an opportune time. I have three weeks where work won't be occupying the majority of my day. I can easily smash out two workouts per day and still have plenty of time to relax. I can go running in Hawaii as part of my sight seeing. Also, as I'll be buying my food, I believe I'll be comfortably eating more salads as I won't have to make them. Yep, I think Hawaii is going to be my biggest ally this round.
So after this eventful week, I'm glad to report 1kg loss this week. I'll be aiming for a 1.05kg loss per week from now on and aiming for 1.5kg for each week I'm in Hawaii.
I apologise for not getting all the pics up before, blogger really doesn't like me at the moment.... It must be because so many of you are visiting me here - only kidding. I've raised a support job and hopefully it'll be rectified by the weekend and then I'll try to upload an album.
Till then, take care and get off that couch!!


  1. Yes, I should really get off that couch. Had a huge week (of exercise) last week and jumped on the scales this morning to report a 400g gain! Obviously I need to behave more with what goes into my mouth. But I can report that I have successfully worn my teenage daughter's size 12 skinny jeans (much to her utter disgust).
    Camilla - you remain inspirational. Look forward to running with you this weekend!

  2. I'll be there with bells on. This week hasn't been my friend so time to jump back into it