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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Cheating Chicken Cacciatore (Less than 300 cals per serve)

Serves 8 (ideal for freezing for lunches)
Total:2067      129   44   278
Per Serving:25816    6    35
Ardmona - Crushed Tomatoes, 2 container (400 gs ea.)2084219Ico_delete
Fresh - Zucchini (Raw), 550 g83924Ico_delete
Generic - Eggplant - Raw, 450 g1082605Ico_delete
Bird's Eye - Frozen Chopped Spinach ***, 375 g81329Ico_delete
Coles - Minced Garlic***, 15 g15301Ico_delete
Gourmet Gardens - Italian Herbs, 5 tsp67700Ico_delete
Woolworths Homebrand - Passata Tomato Cooking Base, 1 container (600 gms ea.)1552810Ico_delete
Raw - Chicken Breast, 960 g989012222Ico_delete
Perfect Italiano - Romano Cheese for Grating, 80 g30482227Ico_delete
Always Fresh - Spanish Sliced Black Olives, 60 g57341Ico_delete
Peel the eggplant prior to chopping up into 1cm cubes.
With the zucchini I thickly sliced it and then chopped each slice into 4 (I didn't peel the zucchini)
I put everything except the chicken and romano cheese into the slow cooker on high for an hour.
I then sealed the chicken in a frypan and popped that in too.
I left it all to cook for 8-10 hours on low and the smell is delicious.



  1. great receipe - have been looking for something for the slow cooker. Thanks!

  2. No worries. Hoping to come up with a whole heap. This one you can easily bulk up the cals with potato, rice or perhaps even pasta...