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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Sweeter than Chocolate

I read somewhere that it takes 1 month for yourself to notice the changes, 8 weeks for those near and dear to you and 12 weeks for everyone else.

That’s what I had geared up for. That’s what I believed in. Maybe I’m doing something wrong, or maybe I’m doing something right because I’m already getting compliments.

Yes, in preseason I’ve managed to shed nearly 7kg just in the lead up. We officially don’t start till tomorrow so I am very excited, very motivated and extremely pumped.

I can honestly say that hearing the compliments was sweeter than any chocolate I’ve ever eaten and the taste of it lingered in my mouth all day. Taking this journey has been the best decision so far in my life. I’m finally doing something for me. Now I know that’s going to upset some people, I understand that some people are going to wonder what’s going on and whether my personality will also change.

I certainly hope not. I intend on the inside remaining the same except for one thing.

No more self loathing, now, I’m learning to love myself. For the first time. Ever.

The journey of weight loss is so much more than kilos and centimetres. It’s discovering who you really are, what makes you tick and how you can be in control of your own life. I’m only a few steps in to this journey but I see it as an exciting and wonderful and EXTREMEMLY NECESSARY.

Dear friends, watch this space because I’m changing…. Changing for the better….


  1. Good on you Milla!!!
    You know you need to love yourself first before you can ever truly love someone. You should be proud you are looking fantastic!!! I love how you change what you are not happy with in your life, you just go and get it!
    I am behind you 100%
    Alix x

  2. go girl!