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Friday, 3 February 2012

My Kitchen Rules (I hope)

Friday is upon us already, as is February. Not long now till the official kick off and I am more excited as each minute passes.
I wanted to send out a bit of a teaser. This weekend I'm roadtesting some new low cal recipes. I think I've created a low cal chicken chippies option and a low cal cacciatore. I'll be doing them on Sunday so watch this space for the recipes.
I'm also doing my first lot of stair runs, so any guesses on how many calories that will burn? All I know is that I'll be sticking round long enough to burn my 1000 cals as a minimum.
I've also been advised that my 'pre-photos' should be with me this weekend so I'll share them when I get them.
Till then, eat clean, exercise mean and stay keen!! (Corny I know)

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