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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Goal. What goal??

Well hasn’t today just been an interesting day.

First of all my weigh in this morning showed a 1 kg loss – I am overjoyed as I thought with my injuries and having no exercise I would be doomed but I ate ‘clean’ and stuck to my calorie restrictions. I guess what they say is true, 80% of weightloss is nutrition. I am also sticking to my water requirements. No, not 8 glasses a day, not two litres – I’ve been recommended 30mL water per kilo of body weight you carry, so I’m drinking just over 3L per day at the moment and feeling fantastic because of it. My skin feels wonderful and isn’t requiring anywhere near as much moisturiser as it used to.

Now here’s my confusion. I went to the doctor this morning to ensure she knew what I was doing and make sure that I didn’t have to think about anything else. The doctor was surprised and amazed as she’d been recommending to me for a while to lose some weight. With her full support she checked me over and gave me the go ahead. The only thing she mentioned is that she didn’t think I’d be able to hold my goal weight of 70kg or even 75kg. She said she’d be happy with me sitting at 80-85kg – I brought up that according to BMI that would still make me overweight, she kindly told me that the BMI calculation is only a rough guide and that she believes my ideal weight to be 80kg.

This puts me at a cross road. I have set up my final goal weight to be 70kg which I had full intentions of hitting. Do I now reassess my goals by what my health practitioner advises? Any tips greatly appreciated J

I’ll be hitting the creative kitchen again this weekend to find some more nutritional and freezeable recipes to share!!


  1. I say keep doing what you've been doing. Once you get to 80-85kg, see how you're feeling :) You can always keep up with the weight loss if you don't feel right.

  2. Yeah I agree. I'm 177cm and 80kg is great for me. Go with your "feel great" weight. But it's true what Sarah said, get to 80 and reassess. BMI doesn't account for a lot of stuff. My husband is about the same height as me and at 70kg he feels heavy but I will never be 70kg.

  3. I agree with the 'feel great weight'. In the past I have been there, and it was ever so slightly about my healthy weight range but I exercised six days per week and ate well. I felt really happy. See how you feel as you go. :-)

  4. Thanks for your input. My first challenge (12 weeks) I'm aiming for a 90kg finish so I'll see how I'm feeling and looking then and reassess.

  5. Yeah the BMI is only a guide. If you ever saw the movie Terminator 2 Jundgement Day, where Linda Hamiltons character is all muscled up for war, her BMI had her classed as being overweight.

    Same goes for Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

  6. So I'll take this round as it comes and reassess at the end. Thanks all for your wonderful support :)

  7. BMI is a useful tool, but only when used in conjunction with other measure. BMI should never be used as a sole indicator. As Jenni describes above, many sports people who are extremely fit and healthy are classed as overweight due to their muscle content. So don't dismiss BMI, but definitely don't rely on it as a sole indicator.

  8. Thanks Robert. I had heard that but was still a little surprised when the doctor mentioned it. I'll keep an eye on my BMI and my weight to ensure I still look healthy. I don't want to be just skin and bones, I do want some curves.