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Wednesday, 4 January 2012


No, it's not the beginning of another URL, it's another acronym I've managed to pick up from the 12WBT team. It's to remind me on Wednesdays to Wake Up, Wee and Weigh!
This way I'm weighing myself consistently and at the same time of day for more accurate readings. So after not really being careful with my diet (I'm cleansing the pantry by eating all the bad stuff - yeah, yeah not the right way, I know) but I was amazed to still have a loss. Only 400g admittedly but a loss is a loss! Stoked so far and am going to start paying more attention to what goes beyond these lips.
I've also been making a conscious effort to move more. Incidental exercise at every opportunity and setting myself a target of 500cals to smash per day. I've also accepted another challenge to run/walk 2012 km in 2012. Looks scary to start with but I think fits all the SMARTs of goal setting so time to pound the pavement. First jog (more likely a deadly walk/pant/crawl that will scar me forever) this evening. Going back to the c25k program to get running again. Another goal for this year is to run a half marathon so I'm losing time and really need to kick it up a notch.

For those who saw my posts in the forum yesterday, I struggled with cravings. Good news is I didn't give in to them at work. In fact it got to about 9pm before I gave in and had 2 squares of white chocolate. Once I tasted it, I realised I no longer wanted it. Aarrghhh why does my body want to play these games? Well I'm not giving in today, not with that result!


  1. Sounds like the cravings are your brain testing your commitment to the new plan! Well done on holding them off for so long. Now you know what it is up to you can not give into it's little "mind" games!
    Well done on the Loss!
    I like the sound of the 2012kms in 2012.

  2. Thanks Jane. Yes, it's definitely a fight will vs. brain. My willpower will succeed although I'm sure to have a lapse or two.
    Why don't you set yourself the same challenge - 2012 kms in 2012? It's suitable for anyone :)