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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Extracting my face

What an exciting week this has been!

I had my very first 'professional' facial this week and it's definitely an experience to undertake. I had only heard and seen about facials in hopelessly romantic movies where they smear a mud like consistency on their face, two slices of cucumber over the eyes and soothing music. I honestly didn't think there was much more to it than that. I arrived promptly to my appointment and was asked to strip down my upper body and put on a 'towel robe' - like a big towelling skirt that's velcro fastened that rests just above your chest. I lie down on the comfy looking chair thinking I'm about to enter heaven. The lady who is doing my facial comes in and introduces herself after a brief chat about my skin care she starts the process. The cleanse is pleasant and I'm thinking 'this is blissful' to myself when she mentions 'extractions'. Extractions? I'm not going to a dentist! Extractions is the word used to 'unclog pores' which when described as simply as that sounds pretty painless, well it's not. I'm sure the process went well and it was just that I was not expecting this and I had not been forewarned but I thought I'd leave there with bruises. Once the extractions were finished they used what felt like a 'roller' to 'infuse' some vitamins into my skin and then 'painted' my face with what I thought was a heavy, cool, chocolate consistency mask. It was strangely calming, no claustrophobia kicking in. When finished she peels the mask off in one hit before applying some moisturiser and letting me escape. Did my skin look better? Yes it did and it felt fantastic. I guess what they say is true - no pain, no gain :)

I've decided that using the beautician as my reward will be satisfying. I need to build up some non-food rewards. Other non-food rewards are a visit to the hairdresser and also remedial massage.

Another point to mention is the challenge that I have posted on my relevant fb pages. It felt like every 12WBT person I was chatting to was doing a challenge where they'd post on fb and then run 1 km in honour of every person who 'liked' the post. As I always make sure my goals are SMART, I thought I better be time specific and gave myself a deadline at the end of January. So it appears that in less than 17 days I have now committed to completing more than 80km and the 'like' part doesn't close till tonight. Guess that will really kick start my fitness, speaking of which, I should be out jogging/running now. Speak to you all soon xo

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