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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Tears for TBL

So, like many others, last night I sat up and watched the Biggest Loser (TBL). For some reason, being overweight, draws me to this show. In a sense I think it gives me hope. This season, more than previous seasons, I can relate to the contestants. Their feelings and their stories touch a chord. It's not often my eyes well up with tears but last night was enough to do it. Like them, I am doing this journey alone, no husband, no partner and no boyfriend. I can't wait to see them embarking on their journeys and hopefully pick up some of the mindset lessons they go through. One major theme stood out - you must learn to love yourself before you can love others. I believe this is so true. This is going to be one my challenges this year. No more excuses and no more hatred. Something must already be clicking in my head as I can feel my clothes no longer tight, I have room to breathe. It makes me smile every time I take a step.
Today we're ordering PPE for work. I'll have them within the month. Question is, do I go for my current size or do I have enough faith and confidence to order 1 size down. I have to wear them on the 28th Feb. I will let you know what I decide.
Last night I lost my wok-virginity. I'd heard about stir frys and yes, I'd attempted them before in saucepans or fry pans but never in a wok. Stopping in at the grocery store I was greeted with displays of woks and bamboo cooking equipment. "This must be a sign," I thought to myself. So I picked up a wok and decided on stir fry for dinner. I bought the pre-cut meat and even the pre-cut vege. I found a low cal stir fry sauce and headed home. When I shared my excitement online I quickly learnt the importance of a good stir fry oil. I narrowed it down to either peanut or sesame oil, so back down to the grocery store I went to pick up both.
I seasoned the wok using my peanut oil and I used the sesame oil to heat it up for the first time. I tossed in the meat and stirred around, followed by the veggies and also some fresh ginger. The aromatic smell was captivating, I was almost drooling. I quickly found the negative to stir frys - they taste so damn good!! I ate the whole lot! Thank goodness it was only about 700 calories so it could have been a lot worse. From now on I'll only fry up what I need and put lunch aside before I eat. If anyone has any awesome combos, please let me know! I don't eat crustaceans but I'm happy to try fish, beef, pork, lamb, chicken and turkey (not sure what else there is)!!

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  1. just finished reading this blog, ( i'm only reading a couple a day as I try to recreate "real time" with your blogs and start trading in bad habits for good...going to turn off the computer now and get myself dressed for the day and start some chores.. I really should start a "to do " list so I have goals. Thanks Cam for the inspiration for my day <3

    kat Sage