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Friday, 6 January 2012

Racer Backs and Jelly Moulds

I’ve been a bit slack and haven’t been back here in a few days. Consistency will improve as I get my head around blogging. I thought of it as writing in a diary, then I stopped, I thought (yes it hurt!) and realised that it’s nothing like writing in a diary; this is here for the world to see. So many times I’ve heard that once you put something on the internet you can never be really sure where it ends up. My thoughts immediately flicker to the infamous undie shots below – oh dear, I could scar someone; I should have put a warning on each of them.

By now you’re reading this wondering where the link is between my heading and the topic. As a bigger girl, wanting to shed some kilos, it’s just about impossible to find something to wear whilst you’re sweating it out.

Running is one of my goals in 2012. I want to run a half marathon, but not just finish; I want to do it in a reasonable time as well. Ideally in less than 2 ½ hours. That’s a pretty big goal and it means that even starting now is a bit late. I’ve been walking regularly and I made one attempt at the c25k plan last year and it works.

Being all motivated about my new challenges and my new life I decided to start working out on Wednesday evening. I left work in a timely manner and was home with plenty of daylight. On face book I’d committed to jogging 10km that night – yes just like your eyes can be bigger than your stomach, my mouth can go further than my feet can.

As a plus sized woman, my thighs rub – it’s not pleasant, but it’s something I have to take into account when I work out. Running just in shorts doesn’t work without a mass of chaffing, so late last year I decided to try lycra ¾ running shorts – I call them my jelly moulds! They hug my thighs and prevent chaffing, but they’re also what’s holding my jelly belly under control and keeping me comfortable enough to keep moving. So finally, I had something to wear on the bottom half.

On top, I’d found plenty of nice singlets to work out in (I just can’t do sleeves) but most of them are racer backs. I didn’t think twice about this when I bought them, but I do now and forever will. The first time I decided to wear my new singlet I realised I’d need a bra that’s a crossover/racer back too (I’m not a fan of purposely visible bra lines – that’s just my opinion). If trying to find plus sized sports bra with support wasn’t hard enough (obviously only little people are supposed to exercise? You’d think it’d be the other way round and the bigger the size, the more options there were?!), try getting in to one. I tried putting it on the normal way, but my arms aren’t double jointed so I couldn’t reach the little hook in the back to hook the straps together after it’s on. Then I tried clipping the parts together first and sucking my stomach in (I know, it’s not for my stomach, but I wasn’t sure what else to do) and pulling it up over my stomach, I tried pulling it down over my head, still no success. At this point I looked at the clock – I’d wasted 45 mins trying to get into the gear to start running – I hadn’t left the house. In sheer frustration, I put my nice singlet top back in the wardrobe, grabbed an old daggy and off I went. I only pushed through for 5km, and it was more of a stumbling walk/shuffling jog to get to the end but I’m not giving up.

Tonight I head off again (nope, no pretty racer back top here – just jelly moulds and daggy singlet) and hopefully this time I’ll push the 5km mark back closer to 10km. I’ll post again tomorrow to let you know how I go. In the meantime if anyone has any tips on how to get racer back bra on and off, please comment, or if you’ve found a front fastening one, I would love to hear about it! Keep motivated, keep laughing and keep checking back in!


  1. Great work Camilla! Only thing I can suggest for bra issues is to make sure the straps have been adjusted to as long as they go. Hook up and pull over your head. Still a bit of a struggle but it's the only way I've been able to get them on :P Keep up the awesome work!

  2. I used to have a great sports bra that did up in the front. Alas, that was a fair few cup sizes ago (and a number of years!). I've been thinking recently about getting some of the little clips that turn a normal bra into a racerback. I believe you can get them from bras'n'things, but I'm not sure how well they work. I also hate showing my bra straps, so I wear a normal bra under a sports bra under a sports top under a t-shirt.

  3. Thanks ladies. I'll keep trying every couple of weeks, at the moment the frustration is too much :) I figure as long as I'm moving it doesn't matter what I'm wearing. I'll become more fashion conscious as the weight drops.