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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

From the aching muscles of me

So here we are at WWWW again. So much has happened but I'll get the business stuff out of the way first.
I got on the scales this morning and I am very disappointed. My "loss" last week has been "found" - I weigh 112.2kg :(
I contribute this to having a very social Friday. A Mexican farewell lunch for two colleagues and then drinks and nibblies at a party Friday night. I did try to use my will power but I have a friend who makes UNBELIEVABLE home made dips and I couldn't resist. Good news is that my friends are on board and are aware that the real deal has now started and they're counting the weeks and calories with me. Thanks ladies - you know who you are :)
Thinking back, I also realise that my water has been a bit light over the last two days - time to refocus on the water consumption.
Now you're probably wondering what else I've been up to and how does that relate to the heading?
On Monday I went back to the gym for the first time since starting my second job. It's been 8 weeks. I wasn't really feeling up to it but I thought JFDI and so I got in the car and drove there. By the time I got there I'd given myself plenty of excuses to just to 10 mins on the treadmill, the bike and the cross traininer. As I walked up the flight of stairs I realised what I was doing. Creating excuses beyond belief. So very definite I scanned my swipe, put my bag in my locker and headed into the class room. I knew a class was starting in about 20 minutes. Yes, I could have been doing cardio in the meantime but I was worried that if I left the room I wouldn't return, so I stayed. Slowly the room filled up. I felt like a fig tree in amongst a forest of saplings but I refused to leave. I could feel myself going red from embarrassment as I stood there in my jelly moulds. Shortly thereafter the instructor entered. Too late to leave now. What the!? OMG!! I was about to endure my first class of Combat. I started off enthusiastic and after a while assumed we must be getting close to the hour as my clothes were saturated, I was out of breath and knackered - I looked at my watch - we were barely 5 mins in. I refused to give up, I stuck out the 60 minutes although I didn't jump as much as the others, I never stopped moving. At the end of the class I felt the need to apologise to the instructor for not participating all the time, so I did. He was very nice and said that he was impressed for my first Combat class and expected to see me again. Wham!! There's the boost of confidence I needed, so I agreed and said I'd be back to 'clutter up his class' on Friday. Well today is Wednesday and I'm still extremely sore. I've go Zumba tonight and I hope that I recuperate before Friday. I know I'll be sore for the first few weeks because it's new. I will hopefully also have my HRM by then as my phone app told me I'd burnt just under 1000 cals for the class - if that's accurate, good luck keeping me away!
I haven't been eating anything exciting so no recipes to share. I will be doing a cook up on Sunday though so if I create anything exciting I'll be sure to share! Till then my friends xo
PS I see I'm on 435 views - I never thought I'd crack 100, much less this many - it's very motivating to see!!


  1. Body Combat is one of my favourite classes to do at the gym, I always burnt lots of calories doing that class. Like you, I was red and sweaty after only the warmup. I remember the first time I was doing it, I kept pulling my t-shirt down, because I didn't want everyone to see all my fat wobbling around. The second time I gave up and just didn't care and before I knew it, I was just engrossed in the class and obsessed :)

    Keep it up and can't wait to see what your HRM tells you when you get it :)

  2. Right behind ya Milla......No more dips for you but I havent forgotten my hazelnut promise....
    You CAN do this

  3. Tonight I'll do Step with my HRM - stay tuned :)

  4. Due to bad weather (another excuse I know) I didn't go to step but stayed at home and did my workout. Attempt 2 will be on Friday as I'm working tonight and tomorrow night.