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Saturday, 28 January 2012

And the Clutz Award Goes to …….

Today was my first SSS – Super Saturday Session – where I pledge to burn at least 1000 calories. Well, I had a blowout (again – I know) last night with dinner rolls, so I pledged to burn at least 1500.

 I woke up nice and early and got ready for my first challenge of the day – finding Bluff Point Walking Track. I committed last night on facebook to conquer this walk with my friend Andrew this morning at 9.30am. I was running late – as usual and the weather wasn’t looking good in Rockhampton, I called ahead to confirm the weather would still be permitting us to hike up. Sunshine I get told – I look out the window with doubt but keep driving. I turn up approximately ten minutes late and Andrew is already there. Andrew is a veteran of this walk and does it twice daily so it’ll be a challenge to just keep up I think but I’m up to the challenge.

 I’ve got my HRM strapped on, my hat on, sunscreen on, water bottle and phone, yep all ready to go. At first I think we’re going pretty slow and I wonder if this walk will be the slightest bit challenging. This thought only has a chance to hang around for a minute or two before my heart rate starts increasing along with the incline. Perhaps we shouldn’t have left it so late. I’m already dripping with sweat and my heart rate is up around 140 bpm and I’m only a few mins in. I’m not going to check the calories – I’m determined not to.

 Andrew is politely keeping pace with me although I’m sure if he was on his own he’d be pushing ahead. We stop at each of the lookouts and the views are amazing – it’s like nature’s own motivator. I’ve included the pics to see what you think.

After what feels like a lifetime we’re at the summit. I proudly pose for my photo at the top and then we start the descent. Going down is humid as hell but it doesn’t feel as hard as the steps going up, I even manage to burst into a jog on the way down. We finish at the tables where I sit down and finally look at the numbers for the walk. My max heartbeat was 168!!!! That can’t be good – sounds way too high for me. After a couple of minutes catching my breath, Andrew announces that we can now go again and do it in reverse.

Is he kidding me?! Although I now feel like I haven’t done anything, surely he’s joking?


We slowly start walking again, this time my heartbeat jumps straight back up again as we walk up the gradient. It’s still very humid and my water is now warm. There is no breeze as the heat reflects off the rock walls. About halfway up I think I’ve had enough, I’m hot and bothered and quite frankly I just want to take a running leap and hope I hit water. I tell Andrew I’ve had enough, he pauses with me and I have a drink of water. We push on. It feels like I’m dragging behind and the walk is taking forever. With each step up I’m pushing my weight down through my legs to propel me upwards and forwards.

This time round when we reach the top there’s a cool wind and the rain is spitting – finally Mother Nature is with me and on my side! The descent doesn’t feel anywhere near as bad. Now I’ve purposely left out the calories but I’m sure you’re all dying to know. The track was 2.1km and I completed it twice, both times in approx 40 mins (although the second time felt longer) and I burnt a whopping 767 calories!!
Feeling rather excited and stoked I headed home (a towel over the seat as I was drenched from sweat) to get changed and go pick up some nice underwear for my ‘pre’ shots. It’s about to get real funny people – you know those moments where it makes you laugh but you know you should feel bad.

I had a shower, got changed, picked up my bag and headed for the door…

… that’s when it all becomes a blur…

I trip (I think) and fumble and fall flat on the ground. My ankle is in pain and I’m in shock. I sit for a moment trying to work out what happened. My ankles feel like they’ll never forgive me. I notice I’ve scraped the tops of my hands and my feet as well.  So what do I do? I call dad – cause dads help their daughters when they’re in trouble. This is funny because my dad lives 600 km away – even when he wanted to, there was nothing he could do. I slowly got up and off I hobbled.

Now this all happened about 5 hours ago, my ankle is still sore, not swollen but definitely feels damaged. I’ve also realised that I scraped my knees, elbows and somehow the back of my arm has a lump. Oh and I managed to get sunburnt. Surely all these things could only happen to a clutz.

So I therefore declare that the award be mine!!


  1. Hi camilla,
    i am so proud of the positive attitude you have even when it all seems to hard! Just want you to know i am right beside you in spirit even though it is not in person!! keep up the fantastic work! you so deserve the end results with the fabulous effort you are putting in!! :-))

  2. Thank you. This forum and all of you who read it are my support. This is my home. In life, we all have a choice in how we live. I will write a post about it.

  3. Thank you for your kind comments, I hope you know that you can call me if you need someone to talk to i am still here for you!! Take care
    D :))

  4. The photos from your walk look fantastic. I will have to work out where it is and have a go as well. Great for the calorie burn - well done. Sorry about the ankle!