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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Low-Guilt Turkey Caesar Wraps (224 cals per serve)

Vitastic Sorj Wraps Lite Rye - Wraps, 31 g901703Ico_delete
Lettuce - Cos or romaine, raw, 0.5 cup shredded4100Ico_delete
Woolworths Select - Salad Dressing Caesar, 20 ml76070Ico_delete
Turkey breast meat, 1 serving34116Ico_delete
Pure Shredded - Pecorino Romano Cheese Fresh Shredded, 1 TBSP20021

Place cos lettuce on wrap, drizzle dressing then shredded cheese and finally the chopped turkey breast. You don't even notice the bacon is missing and it tastes so yum!! You can even increase the veggie content by adding other salad items that you like. It's very filling, so be warned.

Nutrition (per serve):
224 Calories     19 Carbs    10 Fat    10 Protein

1 comment:

  1. Oh that just sounds very yummy. Might have to make one of these for lunch. LOVE turkey, this is just another great way of eating it.