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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Ben Does Life

So it's mid afternoon and I'm lacking a bit of motivation. I idly explore google when I come across Ben's blog. Ben is from America and has undergone an amazing journey of weightloss and fitness. Overcoming hurdles and barriers I'd never even thought of. The story is moving in many ways but it also touches me, it kicks me right up the bum. It's mid afternoon. I have the whole afternoon and I'm inside at my computer. Habits like these is what grew my body to have its own post code. Habits like these, just like my excuses, need to be broken. I've charged up the iPod and I've downloaded a new set of podcasts for the c25k - I'm out to hit the road!

If any of you are keen on reading Ben's journey like I did -
If you're also keen on checking out what on earth c25k is -

I look forward to hearing what you thought of either/both these sites.

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