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Friday, 20 January 2012

Cam’s Lasagna Stack – Comfort with Limited Calories

Per Serving (Serves 12)
283 Cals 16 Carbs 8 Fat 22 Protein

Generic (Fresh) - Baby Pak Choi (Bok Choy), 60 g
Zucchini, includes skin, raw, 500 g
Gourmet Gardens - Italian Herbs, 1 1/2 tsp
Coles - Minced Garlic***, 10 g
Generic - Brown Onion - Medium, 2 whole
Mushrooms - Raw, 250 g
Tomatoes - Red, ripe, raw, year round average, 500 g
Somerfield - Tinned Chopped Tomatoes, 800 g
Coles - Baby Spinach, 85 g
Yellow Split Peas, Raw Weight, 100 g (raw weight)
La Nova - Cannellini Beans (Aust), 400 g
Pantalica - Smooth Light Ricotta Cheese, 500 g
Coon Light & Tasty Shredded - Cheese***, 200 g
Woolworths - Australian Beef Mince Heart Smart 500g, 410.0 g
Latina Fresh - Lasagna Sheets, 4 sheet

Cook the mince, crushed tomatoes, garlic, herbs and split peas with some water till it’s all thick and mixed. Layer the chunky cut veggies and mince using the lasagne sheets sparingly (I had 2 containers and used 2 sheets per container). Dab Ricotta instead of béchamel throughout and sprinkle cheese on top. Pop into a moderate oven (180deg cel) for approx 30 mins or until well tanned on top. Freezes well and microwaves well too.

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