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Thursday, 26 January 2012

The Penny Drops

It’s Australia Day. Australia Day to me is dressing up in my ‘Aussie’ Singlet, ‘Aussie’ Boardshorts, ‘Aussie’ Thongs and sit around drinking beer with my ‘Aussie’ Floppy Hat.

This year it’s different.

After working two late nights, I slept in. I didn’t get up till 9am. Normally I’d be angry at wasting 3-4 valuable hours of my day. Today I’m not angry at myself. In fact I’m pleased that I feel rested. Yesterday I weighed in and experienced a 2.6kg loss. I am stoked. I ate clean but I only incorporated 2000 calories worth of exercise for the week. Nowhere near the recommended 3500 calories. That’s when the penny dropped. I control my weight loss. I can change the outcome dependant on what I eat and what I expel through exercise. Another critical ingredient is water. Your body requires 30mL of water per kilo of body weight. Once I got this amount in my head and consciously drank it, I found that I’m no longer hungry. I no longer have sweet cravings. I’m quite content eating healthy, and if you read my earlier blog entry, my cravings are now for stir frys. I’m pretty happy with that swap.

So what do I have planned for today? As it’s a day off, I’ve decided to do a super workout and expel at least 1000 calories today. I’m also going to ‘declutter’ my kitchen/lounge room to make room for my mini tramp and wii fit. I’m also catching up on TBL. So far the washing is all just about done and I’m watching TBL. Don’t think I’m sitting on my bum though cause I made room for the mini tramp first and I’m getting on it in 10 minute lots to burn off some calories. I know for 10 mins I can burn between 50-85 calories so with my HRM on I’ll keep pushing through.

Feeling in control of my future, I’m quietly confident to see my weight reduce in size. Now I need to set my goals. The official 12 weeks starts on the 13th February and I believe in those twelve weeks I can commit to losing 20 kilos. That’s 1.6 kilos per week. I believe in the lead up to the official commencement I can lose another 3 kilos. That would put me at 86.6 kilos at the end of my first round. That should see a drop in approx 3-4 dress sizes as they say it’s roughly 7 kilos to a size. It sounds big but the small steps are achievable, they are realistic and I am committed. I will also start to post my regular workouts and calories expelled so that I am accountable and my losses are transparent.
Thanks again and watch this space because I am shrinking!!

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