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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The 100 Things I Love About Me and My Life

First of all, let's set the confusion straight. The last image was from my new swimmers for my impending trip.

Next up, we have a very interesting task that was set to a whole group of us by a very inspiring person. We need to list 100 things that I love about me and about my life. When I first heard about this, I thought "why bother" - after all I reckon I'd struggle naming 10, much less 100. After a few hours (more like 7) in the car yesterday, alone with my thoughts, I've decided to give it a go.

1. That I'm alive.
2. That I'm healthy (and getting healthier by the minute)
3. My ability to relate to others
4. My determination
5. My ability to follow through
6. My sense of humour
7. Being able to talk to anyone (and everyone)
8. That I'm assertive (to an extent)
9. That I have willpower
10. That I make the decisions that impact my life
11. My home
12. My ability to grow and nurture plants
13. Shrinkers
14. My support network (you know who you are)
15. My ability to express my thoughts and feelings
16. My shrinking body
17. My eyes
18. My smile
19. My feet
20. My legs (they've only just made it on there)
21. My hair
22. My car
23. My memories
24. The fact that I live on small acreage
25. My ability to make friends
26. My ability to make just about anyone laugh
27. My family
28. My hair
29. The fact that I'm a high achiever
30. That I survive quite well when put under pressure
31. My ability to cook
32. My ability to convert ordinary recipes to healthy recipes
33. My courage to be able to travel overseas on my own
34. My ability to set goals, and achieve them
35. My persistence
36. My ability to motivate and inspire
37. Coffee!!
38. My fruit trees
39. My "soon to be" veggie garden
40. My impending holiday
41. My lycra pants (yes, I know, it should be a crime)
42. My pink gym bag
43. My polar - it holds me accountable
44. My Fitness Pal - without it I'd be lost
45. 12wbt
46. My blog (yes, I know, this should have made the list before now)
47. My newfound friends
48. Old friends
49. Adaptable to new surroundings
50. For picking myself up when I fall
51. For my ability to move on
52. For my strengths
53. For my weaknesses
54. For my ability to tell my body when to wake up and it does
55. For my interest in boxing
56. Bootcamp!!
57. Warrior Dash
58. Running
59. Fun Runs
60. Being an Athlete
61. My ability to read
62. My ability to relate
63. Poached eggs on multigrain toast
64. My slow cooker
65. No longer fitting in to my "fat clothes" because THEY'RE too fat
66. Re-establishing old friendships
67. Going to Hawaii
68. Wearing swimmers again
69. Training for a purpose
70. My jobs
71. My ugg boots
72. Flannelette PJ Pants
73. Singlets
74. My Ariat Boots
75. - with my stripy socks
76. Daring to be Different
77. For not giving up
78. Herbal Teas
79. Choc Chilli Mousse
80. Pedicures
81. Leg Waxes
82. Pamper Days
83. My comfortable life
84. Tracksuit pants
85. My jeans
86. Being able to wear a dress again
87. My ambitions and goals
88. My persistance at the gym
89. My ability to run on the treadmill (it's not far - yet)
90. My lips
91. My ears
92. Singing at the top of my lungs in the car alone with the windows up!
93. Having blogger and facebook on my phone *lol*
94. Having people believe in me
95. Getting encouragement when I need it most
96. I don't give up on my friends
97. That I know how to assemble a flatpack kitchen
98. I know what a spindle is
99. I'm confident in the garden
100. That I could find 99 other things in my life that I'm happy about.

That's enough for this post. I'll check in soon.

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