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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Fighting Claustrophobia - Diamond Head Crater

Since I've shed a lot of weight, one of the things I've realised I love is exploring the great outdoors. There is nothing more satisfying than mastering the summit of a mountain to watch the sun rise over this glorious planet, so when I read about the opportunity to hike a volcano crater to view the sunrise, how could I say no?!

After booking, I perused my voucher the night before departure and notied that due to the late pickup there was no way we'd reach the top in time for sunrise. Oh well, I was still going to make the most of it.

I sat waiting in my closed toe shoes and smothered in sunblock, the excitement of the day started growing in the pit of my belly. Today was also my birthday.

n the past that would have meant a lazy day in bed followed by lots of crazy gorging and binging. That was the old me. There was no way I was going to undo all this work I have done on my emerging physique by wasting a day.

I'd never seen a volcano or crater before... Well not that I recall, although my brain tells me there may have been something similar in Vanuatu when I was there.

We pulled up in the centre of the crater and it felt completely surreal. As you look around it's amazing to realise where you are standing. Our guide tells us that they used to run cattle in there due to the natural boundaries. With its natural beauty that's hard to fathom, then our guide advises that the plants and trees in there are all non-native. I would never have guessed.

As I trekked up the created path, I feel the air getting thinner as we ascend in altitude. The views are breathtaking.

Now I have many phobias, mostly created as an excuse to start with and then with constant nurturing and feeding, I've created these phobias. Fear of heights is one and another is claustrophobia. I don't like confined spaces. Especially when I feel like I'll block the passageway.

So about halfway up, we enter the first tunnel. I barely make 5 steps in before I call out that I need a break and make a hasty exit.

My head is screaming excuses at me, there are so many reasons why I can't do this. I talk them through with my guide and for the first time ever I decide that I am in control, not my mind and not my body. I have never, to this date, taken control like this.

I conquered the tunnel. I also conquered steep stairs and even climbed back down through a shallow bunker and a spiral staircase. I won't say I'm cured, but I will definitely confirm that today was a miracle and I owe it all to - if you're travelling to Oahu, Hawaii, be sure to check them out.
Here are some amazing photos from the day.


  1. Go Camilla! Wow... good on you for facing your fears, feeling them and doing it anyway. Beautiful views and you look great with your gorgeous long legs!
    Just wanted to say thank you for your recent comment to me lately - sooo helpful. I really appreciated you taking time on your holiday to post it. Thanks and enjoy the rest of your trip. Oh, and happy birthday...

  2. Well done Camilla on conquering your fears! You're very inspiring!!!