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Friday, 6 July 2012

Bula! Greetings from Fiji!

Yeah, these next lot of posts won't be beautifully formatted and look like they belong because I'm on holidays and working from a little laptop. Those who know me will know that I'd much rather type from a full size keyboard.
So the first leg of my journey is over. It's amazing how different it is to fly when you're not carrying excess baggage. Plenty of room to spare, wearing beach pants and a light shirt. I feel amazing already.
I opted for the vegetarian cuisine to reuce the amount of empty calories being consumed whilst basically not moving.
I've made up for it thoug by checking in to the lounge at Fiji - only another hour till I set off on the last 6.5 hour flight that will see me to my destination. I've enjoyed wifi, awesome coffee, cheese and cracker (yep, in moderation) and stirfry for dinner. All this for $FJ75 which is $37.50 AUD - I think that's decent seeing as the airport isn't aircon other than in here and it's a balmy 28 degrees, also there is no free wifi - it's $20FJD per hour and I've had 3 hours to kill. Needless to say I'll be checking in again on my return - I believe I've got 8 hours to kill then - lol.
Anyway, I'll ceck in again when I arrive so for now Bula - soon to be Aloha!!

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