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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Impossible or I'm Possible….

I'm back in the country and back at home and still feeling very relaxed. Today was my first day back at work, and quite simply, when you've been on holidays, it's easy to forget how long 8 hours actually are.
Normally a day at work is nothing special but today I felt great about it. The gang got me a beautiful bunch of flowers as a belated birthday present for me as I'd escaped overseas for my birthday. Flowers is enough to make any day great.
Now my last post was quite a 'world changing' one for me and part of me expected the feelings of this to have worn off by now and for me to be back to my normal self, but nope, it appears that's not the way it's meant to be.
I'm feeling relaxed, focussed and more determined than ever to improve myself. I'm also completely at peace with it, yep, I no longer loate myself or the body I'm kept within. I'm quite happy about that, it certainly makes living a lot easier. I can look in the mirror and actually see a true reflection and although I know I've got some way to go, I'm not completely disgusted with it either.
This morning I even straightened my hair and popped on some mascara before going to work - it's amazing how a little bit of effort on the outside makes you feel on the inside.
Today starts the rest of your life. How many times had I heard that? Well it's now a mantra that I live by and love by. I ensure I live each day to the max and that I embrace all that happens around me. This holiday should have happened long before now so I could really be living my life already, but then the question appears as to was I ready to know this before now?
So what now? I've started my food schedule and workout schedule again, time to get serious about results. Warrior Dash is coming quicker than I'm ready for and it's time to grab the bull by its horns. I've made enquiries about PTs and this time I think I'll be hiring 2 different ones to get the maximum I can out of it. I'm also more energised and ready to plant my herbs and set up my veggie patch. All of a sudden it seems all of my dreams are possible - and so they should be. As long as we plan, set little goals and work towards them, we're always moving closer to them. Persistance and consistency is the key.
So for those of you wondering, yes I did gain weight whilst overseas. I weighed in at 98.1kg yesterday so 3.3kg gain. I'm glad I was as active as I was or there could have been disaster. I'm confident that some of that is fluid retention and I expect to see a more accurate reading next Wednesday when I'm back into the swing of things. Especially now I'm back on 2L water a day + green tea and peppermint tea.
I've also decided to completely declutter my house and clean it up. Time to throw stuff out that hasn't been seen or touched in a long time. I've read that if your car and house is cluttered, you'll feel cluttered inside, so now is the time for the big cleanse.
Speaking of cleanse - time for me to stop procrastinating and start cleaning.
**hint, hint** This is your cue to get off your bum and do something :)

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