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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Mighty Mo and Pearl Harbour - 8th July

This was one of those tours I'd booked in simply because everyone was telling me to. I didn't have any background on the topic, nor had I seen any relevant movies either so I had little to no expectations.

Looking around Pearl Harbour was interesting, but none so like the Mighty Mo.

Mighty Mo is the nickname for the USS Missouri and is the boat that the Americans and Japanese signed the declaration of surrender onboard that ended the world war.

To call it a boat is an understatement - it's huge!! I'll attach some pics and would highly recommend if you're heading to Hawaii to ensure you include this on your "to do list".

I also did the American thing and went to Punchbowl to honour the soldiers that have passed.

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  1. Hey Camilla!
    Great to hear about all your adventures and sounds like you're having a lovely holiday! I went to Hawaii way back in 1988 for a few days at the end of a tour to the West Coast of the US, and loved it. Great shopping too - there is a big shopping centre called the Ala Moana or something like that!
    While I've done a lot of solo travelling, and often prefer it that way, or at least doing my own thing during the day, because waiting around for other people drives me crazy! - I also miss not having somebody there in the
    evening to have dinner with etc.
    I've always been comfortable eating on my own - there are so many people about nobody takes any notice. Honolulu had a lot of those smorgasbord type eating places when I was there, that did non-stop breakfast, lunch, dinner etc., too much food of course, but you could pick what you wanted. Maybe going out a bit earlier in the evening for dinner or a drink would work, or going on an evening tour with dinner included. We went on a tour to a Hawaiian village by the beach, with a hungi and entertainment etc. You'd get to meet other people on the tour and sit with them.

    When I'm eating solo, I often have a newspaper, book, or you could even toss a few travel brochures around you to pick up while you're waiting!

    Sounds like heaven though, and I wish I had a holiday there coming up. Rok Vegas has been wet, rainy and rather humid lately - Mel and I are off to the Rocky 12WBT "Pyramid of pain" exercise session on the river bank tomorrow morning - at least I'll be doing the "granny" version as my knees are still a bit wonky from Boot Camp, and I try not to do anything too radical!!

    We'll continue to look forward to more updates on your travels.


    I'm not sure how to get around solo swimming - beyond maybe you could leave your room key at the hotel, and lock your valuables in your room/hotel safe etc.