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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Quick! Find me a Samoan!!

So, my next Hawaiian adventure is all about the Polynesian Cultural Centre and the hunky men that work there.
Now that I have seen the Polynesian men, I don't know if my standards will ever drop back down again. The Samoans are so, so, so hunky - seriously, I didn't think men came in so many specimen that were all so good looking. I guess the only downfall to islander men is the fact they want a hundred kids, but is that a sacrifice worth making? Hmmm...

Anyway - snap out of the daydream - back to the story.
The PCC is located on the north side of the island so our busride was made enjoyable by our Maori friend, Germaine the Maine Man. He was a complete crack up and well suited to a tour guide (yep, another hottie that is married with 4 kids).
The PCC is made up of the 8 Polynesian cultures set up in villages.
We had a buffet lunch, luau dinner and finished off the night with their show.

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