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Monday, 9 July 2012

Aloha and Mahalo

Just a few days in to my holiday and I'm picking up the lingo.
I don't think there are any appropriate adjectives to describe this piece of heaven on earth. I knew within minutes of being here that I will definitely be planning a return trip.
Now I'm an independent, modern day woman, so travelling on my own is nothing new. The normal process is to stock up on junk and only having to leave the room when necessary.
This time is going to be different.
This evening I've officially been here three days, two nights and I long to find solace with junk in my room.
In the past I've used my weight as my shield, protecting me from social interaction that could lead to embarrassment, or worse, humiliation.
So far I've worked out I'm not comfortable eating in public by myself, so I find myself wandering lustfully past places like Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville, or going past all the funky little bars that seem to always be set to happy hour.
The only person who talks to me on a regular basis is a homeless, drunk man in a wheelchair who keeps telling me that my fortune will change if I buy him a beer. At this point it's almost tempting....
I'll cover off each of the tourist events when I'm on the trusty lappy rather than my phone.
I must mention the water. Tv and photos do it no justice. The clarity of the colours as they slap against the golden beaches is magical. The beach is littered by people from all walks of life, all in the one place and for just that moment, without prejudice. Nobody seems to have a care as 8 to 80 year olds prance around in string bikinis and dts, big guts welling over the small pieces of fabric. Yes, also several pieces of eye candy around, although none of them give me a second glance, much less a smile.
Now I'm not a depressed soul and I can normally pick the positives out when it counts, but when I start to feel overwhelmed, I pick at my skin.
This could be removing the keratosis pilaris plugs, to plucking in grown hairs or even squeezing what looks like clogged follicles.
It's not pretty and almost always raises questions. I don't recall exactly when I started but it was a while ago. Today was one of those days. Feeling withdrawn and secluded, I thought I would "tidy my legs" a bit. Hoping the redness will die down overnight.
I'd go for a swim but I can't workout how singles do it... Do we just leave our hotel key, towel and shoes on the sand and hope they're there on our return? Do I have to go barefoot and without a towel? This time, I wish I wasn't doing this on my own. Have someone along to come to dinner, to share thoughts with and to take pics of me instead of ne begging strangers.
Anyway enough of a cent for now. I'll make an effort to get some pics up soon. Love to you all xo

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