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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

So close I can smell it but so far I can't touch it….

Most of you have cleverly already worked out what my scales said today. I managed to get in and update the figures early this morning but I haven't had a chance to send out my blog update. This morning I woke with a sense of anxiety - I wasn't quite sure what the scales were going to do. After already oversleeping and missing my alarm, I didn't have any time to spare. I tapped the scales before quickly getting on.
Surely that wasn't right. I jumped off, waited for it to turn off and tried again.
Still 100.3kg.
I was over the moon! That's a loss of 2.4kg in a week! You've got to be happy with that! Then almost immediately I felt a wave of frustration - I know I shouldn't have, but I did. Only 300g off 100kg! Surely I could have done something more to push myself into the double digit region? Yeah I probably could have, but I didn't and my loss was fantastic. Time to take that step back and bask in the glory of a massive loss for once.
So it's now the end of my work day (for my first job) and I'm still happy. Still floating on cloud 9. With only 300g to go I know next week will be a major milestone. I'm trying to work out how to celebrate it - if you have any ideas, please share them.
For now I'm signing out - time to get to job #2.

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